Welcome back to day four of the ‘Road To BlizzCon,‘ a series in which we will give you an in-depth look at the eight teams that will be competing in the Overwatch World Cup Quarterfinals at BlizzCon. Today we’ll take a closer look at the men making up the team down under, Team Australia.

Photo: Robert Paul

Group Stage

Team Australia played in the Bangkok qualifier and started off day one with a double-header. Their first match was a victory against Spain, winning 3-1. Next they played against the hometown team, Thailand. Australia was able to pull off a 4-0 sweep against them. Opening strong with back to back victories on day one, the boys down under stumbled in the first game of day two, losing 1-3 to Denmark. They regained their momentum with a dominant 4-0 victory against Team Sweden to close out the day.

On the last day of the qualifier, Australia’s only match was against China, the powerhouse of the stage. Australia fought valiantly, bringing it to game five, but fell short in the end, losing 2-3 to China. With a record of 3-2 for the stage, Australia was not automatically guaranteed a seat at BlizzCon. Bangkok was the closest contest across any of the four group stages with three of the six teams ending with a 3-2 record. Luckily, Australia’s 14-7 map record secured them the second seed in the BlizzCon quarterfinals alongside China.

Meet the Men From Down Under:

Ashley "Trill" Powell

Trill paves the way for his team with Reinhardt Earth Shatters and Winston Primal Rages. As the main tank for Blank Esports, he plays the front line in engagements to create openings for the rest of the team.

Leyton"Punk" Gilchrest

Watch that your ultimate doesn’t get eaten by D.Va’s defense matrix while Punk is on the playing field. The key to victory for this flex tank involves a good balance of diving the enemy team, peeling for his backline, and hunkering down on the objective.

Huseyin "Hus" Shain

Blank Esports’ flex DPS, Hus has a huge hero pool that serves as a boon to team Australia, allowing them the flexibility to play a wide variety of compositions. Most well known for Genji and Roadhog, Hus gives himself many reasons to be feared.

James "Yuki" Stanton

S4's Yuki has a long history in the competitive FPS scene. He currently plays DPS for Dark Sided, a Contenders Australia team, he’s able to find picks that can help Australia break their opponents’ ranks.

Felix "ckm" Murray

DPS for Blank Esports, a Contenders Pacific team, ckm has a feared Dragonblade, and well-placed Dead-eye. He’s known to flex to Roadhog in order to hook in picks for the team.

Scott "Custa" Kennedy

Main support for the Los Angeles Valiant, Custa adapts to play any healer as the meta dictates, showing off his survivability on Mercy during OWL Season 1. He’s able to land crucial sleeps as Ana, and known to flex to Moira and Lucio as needed.

Dario "Akraken" Falcao-Rassokha

Akraken is the flex support for the Sydney Drop Bears, the two-time winning team for Contenders Australia. His utility in the off-support role will be a key in helping Australia move forward in the quarterfinals.