A new Overwatch patch is currently in development and is now available for testing on PTR servers. PTR patch 1.30 includes four hero buffs and an update to the sound options for players using Windows 10.

As the patch is only on the PTR server, it’s unavailable for console users.


The Windows 10 Spatial Audio setting can now be used within Overwatch. By setting up Spatial Sound within Windows, players can now chose from more audio options in game. This includes settings for Windows Sonic Headphones, Dolby Atmos for Headphones, and Dolby Atmos for Home Theatre.


Patch 1.30 focuses on a number of hero buffs to try and balance each of them and bring them in line with the strength of the remaining hero roster. Mercy, Roadhog, Reaper and Symmetra have all received updates to make them a little stronger in-game.

Mercy’s Valkyrie ultimate will now charge faster, as her ultimate cost has been reduced by 15%. The strength of her chain healing while in Valkyrie has also been buffed and will now do 60 points of healing per second instead of 50.

Reaper’s primary fire has been given a reduction in his weapon spread randomisation by 50%. This means that each of his hits will be more consistent when aimed at the same spot. His passive ability, The Reaping, now also has increased life steal and restores 30% of the damage Reaper deals as health instead of 20. Both adjustments are to enable him more capable of finishing fights at close range.

Symmetra’s primary fire now charges faster by 20% so that players can utilise her weapon with more ease.

Roadhog received the most number of changes to both strengthen his abilities and make them more reliable. Chain Hook has been slightly reworked so that enemy heroes are easier to catch, and the cooldown starts earlier without relying on how far away the target is. Both his ultimate and weapon fire have had adjustments to weapons spread, allowing him to deal more damage more consistently when aiming at the same location.

  • Chainhook only waits 0.3 seconds before pulling in a hooked target, instead of 0.5. A targets momentum is now reduced when caught in the hook, and the abilities cooldown now starts when hitting target rather then when the target is pulled to Roadhog.
  • His Scrapgun has a spread pattern adjustment for consistency, and spread randomisation his weapon has been reduced by 50%. This is for both primary and secondary fire.
  • Whole Hog now has increased knock-back velocity, pushing targets back faster from 8 to 10 meters per second. It also has decreased horizontal recoil for Roadhog, allowing for easier aiming.