In this week’s list, we’re exploring the abilities in Overwatch that makes you slam keyboards and burst blood vessels in your eyes. Welcome to the Top 5 Most ANNOYING Abilities in Overwatch.  If you agree with the list or think we missed an ability, make sure to comment below the article! Thank you!

5. Mercy’s Flying Ability

Now we aren’t talking about her ultimate which gives her the ability to fly freely (which is also annoying), but instead, we’re talking about her left shift ability to fly to allies; Guardian Angel. This is really convenient for Mercy who has a 2-second cooldown on the ability to escape from danger often, but super annoying for the DPS who have to try and chase Mercy around while she’s flying everywhere. You see this most often used with a Mercy who likes to fly up to Pharah’s then float down to a Reinhardt down on the ground and rotate between the two of them to maximize her movement and dodge perhaps flankers.

4. Junkrat Tire

The moment you hear his ultimate sound go off, and instant rush of fear runs through any players body. (Even more so with players who play support) The crazy speed and small hitbox of the tire makes this instant-death ability almost impossible to dodge. It’s really annoying to deal with, especially when you have a Junkrat that is a master with the tire and uses the terrain to his advantage.

3. Symmetra’s Turrets

I mean, this is basically the definition of annoying. Constant tick damage that slows enemies in its paths and is relatively difficult to find can be painfully annoying. Now with new Symmetra that gives her the ability to throw her turrets which make her even more of a pain to deal with. It’s like that really pesky fly that won’t leave you alone. That’s Symmtra’s Turrets.

2. Defense Matrix

Imagine you see the perfect opportunity for a Zarya Grav, you press Q and nothing happens. The moment of devastation and complete annoyance. Dva’s defense matrix can block any project which includes a majority of ults in Overwatch, making this ability one that can be very annoying to deal with. Almost nothing is more annoying than having the best Pharah ult ever, only to be blocked by Dva who says, “Good thing I brought my Umbrella!”

1. Brigitte Shield Bash

The most annoying ability in Overwatch has to be Brigitte’s Shield Bash. Her melee-driven kit rewards Brigitte for being down front and personal with the enemy team, so when she got her stun ability it made her even more of a pain to deal with. Brigitte’s healing, armor, and shield itself are all pretty annoying, but I think her stun ability takes the cake for the most annoying ability in Overwatch. Not only does the stun disrupt a number of different ultimates, and can completely stop an enemy push and cause major disruptions while trying to win.