A new Overwatch patch is now live across all platforms. Patch 1.29 includes a vast array of hero updates, including Torbjörn 2.0 and a few tweaks to Pharah.

The patch has also introduced the next event, Halloween Terror 2018!

Halloween Terror

This year, the event has introduced a number of new cosmetics and a newly decorated Chateau Guillard! With 6 new legendary skins, 3 epic skins, 1 new emote, 2 new highlight intros and a number of victory poses and sprays.

The new skins are;

  • Banshee Moira
  • Bride Sombra
  • Enchanted Armor Pharah
  • Jack-O-Lantern Wrecking Ball
  • Slasher:76 Soldier
  • Swamp Monster DoomFish (Yes, we know his name is Doomfist)
  • Pumpkin Mei (Epic)
  • Undead McCree (Epic)
  • Spider Widowmakter (Epic)

For a preview of the skins, emotes and highlight intros don’t forget to check out our Instagram.  Brigitte’s new highlight intro in particular is something special…

Hero Updates

Torbjörn 2.0 is here! Since there is no longer a defense hero category, developers have thought that the speciality Torbjörn offered means he is no longer as adaptable as other heroes. In order to make him feel viable in more situations, his defensive capabilities have been adjusted and his damage output has been increased.  Armour packs and the scrap currency has been completely removed and updated with a self-buff, his turret has been updated and he has an entirely new ultimate.

  • His head hit volume has been decreased by 10%
  • Both primary and secondary fire for his Rivet Gun have been adjusted. Reload time for both has been reduced from 2.2 to 2 seconds. Primary fire now offers a more increased projectile (60 to 70 seconds) and his turret now focuses enemies hit by primary fire shots. Secondary fire recovery has been reduced (0.8 to 0.6 seconds), damage per shot has been lowered (150 to 125) and spread randomisation has been adjusted.
  • His Forge Hammer is now his quick melee, and the radius has been increased to align with other heroes.
  • The turret has been reworked too, acting as a thrown projectile that automatically builds itself over 3 seconds. The upgrade mechanic has been removed, as the turret now deploys at the old level 2 straight away. Once deployed, it cannot be redeployed while firing and is removed using the interact key. The turrets health has been reduced (300 to 250) and now has a 5 second cooldown after being deployed. If the turret is destroyed, the cooldown is 10 seconds.
  • His replacement ability for armour packs is called Overload. The ability is a self buff that increases attack, movement and reload speed by 30% and grants 150 points of temporary armour. The ability lasts for 5 seconds, with a 12 second cooldown.
  • Molton Core 2.0 no longer acts as a turret buff, and instead causes the claw arm to be Torbjörn’s primary weapon. 10 shots are fired that leave damage pools on the ground for 6 seconds, dealing extra damage to heroes with armour. The base damage is 130 while armored heroes take 190 damage.

Pharah has also received some adjustments with patch 1.29 order to make her Rocket Launcher feel more responsive with a reward for players with a higher skill level. Her recovery time between shots have been improved, with other abilities being tweaked to counter the buff.

  • Her Concussive Blast has had a cool-down reduction (12  to 9 seconds).
  • Rocket Launcher has an increase in attack speed with a lowered recovery time between shots (0.9 to 0.75). The explosion and impact damage of the weapon have been redistributed.  Explosion knock-back has been reduced by 20% and damage reduced from 80 to 65. Impact damage has been increased from 40 to 55. Self knock-back has been increased by 25%.

There have been a few other balance changes with 1.29 across a number of heroes. Unlike Torbjörn and Pharah, each of the heroes below have only been tweaked.

  • Brigitte’s Barrier shield has been nerfed, bringing her shield health down from 600 to 500. This is to make her a little easier to deal with, without reducing her survivability too much.
  • McCree’s Combat Roll has been buffed, with his cooldown being reduced from 8 seconds to 6 seconds. This allows McCree a little more flexibility.
  • Orisa’s primary fire now has a reduced weapon spread, from reduced from 1.5 to 1.2 in order to more effectively hit targets at a distance. Damage at long range will now feel more consistent.
  • Doomfist has had a small nerf to his Hand Cannon, with damage falloff now being applied and starting at 15 meters.
  • Soldier: 76 has an adjustment to his pulse rifle, with the number of shots until max spread increasing from 6 to 9. It increases his damage output slightly, but should smooth out the weapon curve and make shots feel more consistent.
  • Mei hasn’t been nerfed or buffed, but has had a visual update! All her abilities, including her ultimate, now have a cool new look.

Game Updates

Visuals have been updated in patch 1.29 for a few aspects of game play. The hero outline now has a slider bar under Options > Gameplay has been added to adjust the strength/thickness of outlines around heroes.  Colour blind settings have also  been upgraded to be more adaptive to each user. Team colours, hero outlines and aspects of the user interface can now all be adjusted separately for a more personalised experience.  These options can be found under Options > Video > Color Blind Options.

Map Updates

The setup timer for Assault, Escort, and hybrid maps has been reduced from from 1 minute to 45 seconds. This should help prevent attackers losing their minds in the spawn room and make the games feel more fast-paced. To compensate for this new change, there is now a longer time period for adjusting your team compositions in second and third rounds, up from 10 seconds to 25.