Over the course of the summer, the Overwatch Payload Tour has been travelling to conventions and gaming events across the United States. The Payload Tour is a special interactive booth that allows fans and cosplayers to take a 360-degree video of themselves that looks as though it was shot on one of the game’s stages. Participants can select a variety of props to play with during the video, including Hanzo’s bow  D.Va’s headset and hand gun. Several people can participate at once, making it a fun activity for you and a group of friends.

Once the video is recorded, you give them your email address and they send you the finished video! The tour kicked off at PAX East back in April, and over Labor Day weekend it was at DragonCon in my home city of Atlanta.

DragonCon is the biggest pop culture convention in the southeast US, boasting tens of thousands of visitors from all around the world every year. I was lucky enough to be able to participate, so if you didn’t have a chance to go, try live vicariously through my pictures!

The booth itself was a large enclosed area with a three-sided green screen inside. On the floor was a rotating circular platform that turned once the filming began. A man behind the camera operated everything, and a very kind Blizzard employee helped me pick my props and decide on my poses. The area also had TVs that were playing several of Overwatch’s well-known shorts and character videos. As you can see at the bottom of the photo, there were some very impressive cosplayers participating!

There was also a sign that designated which stage would be featured as the background on any given day. I went on Saturday, so my background was Blizzard World. I would have loved to be in Oasis, which was for Sunday. The technology behind this was truly amazing.

The back wall of the exhibit was just as colourful as the rest of the displays. It was a massive wall with all of the characters on it. This would have made a great background to pose in front of, too!

Those who participated in the tour received exclusive pins. The character for each event was different; D.Va was the character for DragonCon’s. I’m so afraid of losing it that I don’t want to take it off of the backing!



You’re probably wondering what my video looks like. See for yourself below! (The Blizzard guy warned me that Brigitte’s shield would be heavy, and man, he wasn’t kidding.)