Welcome to this week’s edition of Behind The Hero, a new series that takes a look at the voice actors working so hard to bring our favorite heroes to life. Our seventh episode will focus on the man in the shadows, Keith James Ferguson, the voice of Reaper in Overwatch.

Notable Roles

Even without knowing it, you may have already heard a piece of Keith James Ferguson’s voice-acting skills. Before becoming the voice of the Talon mercenary, Keith James Ferguson used his voice-acting talents in various forms of media like live-action TV, animation, and video games. It as only recently that Keith decided to test his skills within the video game industry, but before the genre change, Keith could be heard most notably as the voice of Bloo from Cartoon Network’s Foster’s Home of Imaginary Friends and various characters in Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time. With his earliest video game voice-acting booking being 2004, it is truly amazing how quickly his voice abilities flourished as his list of character voices grew.


From the Dark and Into the Light

Keith James Ferguson found his interest in the world of Hollywood after being born right into the middle of it. As the only child of a professional pianist and estate probate specialist, Keith got to see at a very young age what it meant to be a rising star. Keith had stated on his biography on his website that he had found his love for the entertainment industry extremely early on, after learning that he had a knack for mimicking the voices of others for fun. With that in mind, Keith strived to find a way into the Entertainment industry through a love for drama and theater during his high school and college years. Eventually, after years of practice and plays, Keith was offered a behind the scenes position at a daytime TV network, where he also began his studies again, but this time to focus on voice-acting. In the end, Keith left his last official full-time job and signed his first voice-acting role as being a vocal match of Keanu Reeves during a 60-second radio slot.

The Man and His Vision

Reaper as a character is a strong-willed man full of emotion and conviction unlike any character seen in Overwatch before. Reaper is a true isolated wonder, much like his voice-acting counterpart. Much like Gabriel Reyes, Keith James Ferguson seems to live on the quiet side of life and mostly to himself. Both are amazingly skilled at what they do and make sure to capitalize and expand as much as they can to surpass who they were the day before. Keith shows that he has done just that with his amazing vocal range, and Reaper does as well with his tactical combat skill.

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