At the end of last week, blizzard gave us the long awaited Torbjörn 2.0 update. The rework brings him up to date with the hero class changes that came in earlier this year. The tiny man is now equipped with a whole new ultimate, changes to how his turret upgrades and a new self buff ability that replaces armour packs. All in all, he’s a much more aggressive pick suited to more situations than his previous defensive iteration.

Unfortunately, not everybody will get a chance to try him out just yet as his rework is only on the PTR at the moment. This means that console players without a PC account will not get to try him just yet. For those that have tried him (or seen him in stream/online) what do you think of his new abilities? Is Torbjörn 2.0 everything you ever dreamed of, or does he scare the life out of you? Let us know in this weeks poll!


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