Everyone remembers that one season in Overwatch that was either the most annoying or most fun time of their Overwatch career. In this week’s top 5, we’re taking a look at the history of Overwatch and some of the most notable meta compositions within the 12 seasons. If you’re a newer player, you’ll learn to respect the old veterans of the game who have been through a lot of iterations of the game. With that in mind, let’s get right into the list!

5. Beyblade Meta

In the game today, one of the most feared things is a Nano-boosted Reinhardt. Well back in Beyblade Meta, that was even more terrifying. Ana’s old Ultimate used to give the target an insane speed boost along with the other perk of reduced damage. This gave characters like Reaper the perfect opportunity to destroy enemy teams by death blossoming with the help of an Ana Ult. Take a look at the video below to see the destruction one could cause!

4. Mercy Meta

After Jeff Kaplan decided that Mercy’s playstyle shouldn’t be about hiding once she got rez, the Dev team decided to play around with Mercy’s kit. This lead to her second ultimate, “Valkyrie”. At first, this Ultimate disrupted the Meta greatly and forced teams to run her no matter what. This first iteration of her ult allowed Mercy to instantly rez two people, then rez another person every 10 seconds after that in her 20-second ult. This insane mechanic would wreak havoc on many Overwatch games, and still, today causes problems in the balance world.

3. Tank Meta

Occasionally you’ll see this team comp being brought back through the cracks and played in your competitive games, but there used to be a time where triple or quad tank was the only thing you’d run. DPS heroes were nonexistent in this period of time where Dva and Hog were much more reliable compared to a McCree. The idea was that two players would be playing Ana and Mercy, while the other 4 would stay to tanks which caused the team to become into a super tanky and almost unkillable machine. Most veterans of the game know this was probably one of the most boring times of the game, ultimately because it was a lot of damaging each other, but no kills.

2. Dive Meta

Still alive today, Dive Meta is one of the strongest metas and has been in the game for a long time. The selling point of this team comp was that healers on the enemy team had no chance of surviving. The Dive was way too strong to stop and was really difficult to counter unless your team had a strong McCree. With the addition of Brig and Moira, healers can more easily hold their own and ultimately forced teams to move away from Dive comp in order to kill the healers. Although this Comp has seen its days, you can still witness it from time to time.

1. GOATs Meta

Probably one of the most terrifying Metas at this point would be the GOATs strategy. Similar to a blitzkrieg strategy, GOATS is implemented when you want to overwhelm the enemy with so much blunt force right away that it dazes them and causes them to lose the engagement. Lucio’s speed boost, Moira’s AoE healing, Dva’s burst, and Rein’s shield makes this comp a terror to deal with. Take a look at one of the videos below to see how intimidating the enemy team is when they roll in and quickly assassinate enemy players.