As Overwatch comes into it’s second year, it brings millions of players with it – some of them artists. There are many different forms of art and artists, popular in the Overwatch community are cosplayers and digital artists. However some of the non conventional artists have been overlooked.  Let’s bring them into the light, shall we. This week we will be learning more about decoden phone cases!

Last week we had a look at shop Clevernerd and her hair accessories! For this episode of Rialto Gallery, I’ve interviewed shop owner Amelia about her shop Bird & Bear Decoden. Her love for Overwatch, other games and characters is shown through creating pins and other items of Overwatch characters. The time and effort that go into her phone cases definitely shows!

Meet the artist!

My name is Amelia, I’m 25, I’m from Miami but I’ve been living in Brooklyn with my girlfriend for the past 7 years. I love going to the movies, gaming, watching anime, getting bubble tea, and eating A LOT.

What made you start your shop? What do you like about decoden?

I started my decoden shop after following the community for a while and finally ordering my first case. The second I opened the box I just felt JOY- it was so weird, this phone case made me so completely happy! I knew I had to try my hand in it. I love coming up with new themes and ideas for releases, especially themes no one has done before! There’s nothing more satisfying than when that new idea pops into your head and you’re able to execute it.

What made you start playing Overwatch? Who’s your favorite hero? Also are you excited for the Halloween Terror event?

I started playing Overwatch because my little brother got the game and I tried it out. I immediately fell in love with Mercy (this was two years ago). Overwatch brought my little brother and I closer together, now we talk about new characters and updates, and love to watch each other play! I’m definitely a Mercy main but I’ve mostly been playing Moira on comp recently (I hope Mercy isn’t mad I’m cheating on her). I am SUPER excited for the Halloween event, it’s my absolute favorite special event, followed by Uprising!

Can you tell us a little about the process? What’s your favorite part?

Usually my process starts with inspiration, either something I saw somewhere or something I personally love. I think of what the center pieces will be for the release and then start making them. I think of colors and case types based on demand. I like to post progress photos on my story to build hype. And then I release the new series on my shop! My favorite part of the process might be when I take the resin pieces out of the mold and I see if I was truly able to make what I had in my head!

You can find more of her work on Instagram! If you’d like to see other fantastic artists, you can visit The Omnic Art on Instagram.