This week, Patch 1.28 hit live servers across all platforms. The biggest update that Blizzard gave us was the new map, Busan! Set in D.Va’s homeland of South Korea, the new control map has 3 distinct mini-maps surrounding the control point.

When visiting Busan, players can explore the serene setting of the Sanctuary, an ancient temple with beautiful gardens and historic architecture. Downtown is a busy metropolis where players can find flashy karaoke bar, cinema, arcade and a (dangerous) and central light rail station. The final locale,  MEKA Base, is home to South Korea’s front-line defence against the Gwishin Omnic attacks: D.Va and the rest of the MEKA squad.

But what do you think? The new map is one of the most detailed that Blizzard have created, with the Meka Base being built to look as close to the animated short  released for D.Va last month as possible. Do you like the new feel of the map, or do you think it is over-hyped? Let us know in the poll below!


How are you enjoying the new map, Busan?

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