We are back again with another instalment of Overwatch World Cup Spotlight. This week as indicated by the title we be taking a look Philadelphia’s orb slinging Zenyatta player, Boombox.

Where It All Began

Boombox was born on April 17th 1997 as Issac Charles. Before moving to Overwatch, he earned fame playing Starcraft 2 as one of the best Protoss players in the world. Eventually retired from Starcraft 2 to start a career as a pro Overwatch player with first team, Cyclone. He spent a short 2 months with the team before moving over to Ex-Cyclone. With Ex-Cyclone he only lost twice in his short stint with the team. In May of 2017, Boombox won Overwatch Contenders season 0 with eUnited. After season 0 wrapped up Boombox was be offered a spot on the British World Cup team. Boombox and the British team would qualify first at their group stages and would go to BlizzCon later that year.

But before the quarterfinals at BlizzCon, Boombox returned to eUnited to compete in Overwatch Contenders season 1. Sadly Boombox and the boys from eUnited did not make it out of the group stages. The bad luck followed Boombox to the quarterfinals of the Overwatch World Cup at BlizzCon. In the first round they faced Sweden and were not able to win a map. The good news for Boombox that would come out of the World Cup to an offer to join the Philly Fusion of the Overwatch League.

Overwatch League Begins

Boombox made a name for himself as the Zenyatta player for the Fusion. As a team, Philadelphia did very well in the first season of the league: after just missing the playoffs in stage 1 they came second the stage 2 title match to secure their spot in the inaugural season playoffs. The Fusion made it all the way to the Grand Finals and faced the London Spitfire. Although they put up a good fight Boombox and his team fell Spitfire. His personal play averaged 11.74 eliminations per map to 5 deaths. His healing was always well over 8000 and he consistently put out over 5000 damage, almost giving the Fusion a third DPS in the support slot and earn another invite to the British World Cup team.

We won’t see Boombox and team UK for a couple more weeks as they don’t compete until the Paris Group Stage on September 21st. So until then we at the Omnic Post wish him and his team the best as they scrim and prepare for the group stages as they try to qualify for BlizzCon.