Ever since experiencing her first convention back in 2008, Jocelyn has been hard at work refining all aspects of her cosplay craft. She is a 10 year cosplay veteran now, and is still always finding new ways to improve her skills. Her eye for detail, craftsmanship, and elaborate features such as implementing LED lights in her costumes, allow her to really bring characters to life. We here at Omnic Cosplay are honored to introduce you all to Jocelyn Jazmin a.k.a MedusaMayhem Cosplay!


The interview

Photo by: JGCG Photography

How did you get into cosplaying? How long have you been cosplaying for?

I got into cosplay after attending my first convention in 2008. I felt weird not a costume at an event so colorful and full of people who were enjoying themselves in cosplay. It turned into a creative outlet that pushes me to make things, teaches me patience, and new skills.


Why did you choose to cosplay Mei? What drew you in about the character?

The moment I saw Mei, I felt like Blizzard put me into their game. I loved her passion to fight for our planet and I fell for her instantly. Her design was definitely a challenge I wanted to take on.


Photo by; i5_adamame

What was the biggest struggle when crafting your Mei costume? What was the biggest struggle wearing it?

The foam work was a challenge. I had to sand all of the tank with a small dremel bit. It was also tough working out of my bedroom in an apartment with little ventilation.

Walking through a crowd with giant boots and a tank without stepping on people was definitely difficult and the back part of the tank ended up cracking. During Anime Expo, it was a challenge to stay cool and hydrated in the 105 F weather with a fur coat.


Do you have any memorable interactions with other cosplayers, fans, voice actors, artists, etc. when you cosplayed your hero(s)?

Photo by: JGCG Photography

I love seeing the reaction people have to Snowball’s eyes or the size of my boots.


What hero or hero skin would you love to cosplay?

I have plans to cosplay Sombra in the future. I would also love to do the Jiangshi Mei skin.


Photo by: i5_adamame

Who is your favorite Overwatch hero?




What makes cosplay fun for you?

The amount of things I learn while making it, and constantly striving for improvement. The most fun while wearing my costumes is meeting other fans of the game who share a passion and appreciation for it.



Do you have any upcoming cosplays in the works?

I am revamping Mei, finishing Hannah from Rat Queens, and Alana from Saga.



Where to find them

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