As Overwatch comes into it’s second year, it brings millions of players with it – some of them artists. There are many different forms of art and artists, popular in the Overwatch community are cosplayers and digital artists. However some of the non conventional artists have been overlooked.  Let’s bring them into the light, shall we. This week we will be learning a little bit more about pins!

Last week we had a look at shop SilverclockThreads and her patches! For this episode of Rialto Gallery, I’ve interviewed shop owner Sharon about her shop SharodactylArt. Her love for Overwatch, other games and characters is shown through creating pins and other items of Overwatch characters. The time and effort that go into these pins definitely shows!

Meet the artist!


I’m Sharon or you may know me as @Sharodactyl on Instagram!  I am a graphic designer/artist based in LA.  

What made you start your shop?

I love drawing and doodling and went to school for Graphic Design. It felt like it was the next step to open up a shop and turn my love into a business!  

What item that you’ve made is your favorite?

I have so many favorites, but I had the most fun designing the Halloween Overwatch inspired pins this year!! I’m really looking forward to them!  I started my first Kickstarter for them too!

What made you start playing Overwatch? Who’s your favorite hero? Also are you excited for the Halloween Terror event?

I first started playing Overwatch, because my friend introduced me to one of the animated shorts! I believe it was the one in the museum with Winston, Tracer, and Widowmaker. I fell in love with the story and all the different characters, and I haven’t stopped playing since! My favorite hero would be Tracer!! I love how sassy and optimistic she is! I am SOOOOO excited for the Halloween Terror Event! It’s the event I look most forward to each year, it’s just so fun!

Can you tell us a little about the process? What’s your favorite part?

For the Halloween pins, I first sketched out some ideas, and then I brought them into Illustrator to clean it up! My favorite part would be finalizing all the designs, I really love making polls to get input from my Instagram followers. It really makes it feel like we designed it together, and the final pins are the result of everyone’s feedback!

You can find more of her work on Instagram! If you’d like to see other fantastic artists, you can visit The Omnic Art on Instagram.