Welcome to this week’s edition of Behind The Hero, a new series that takes a look at the voice actors working so hard to bring our favorite heroes to life. Our sixth episode will focus on the Shooting Star Charlet Chung, the voice of D.Va in Overwatch.

Notable Roles

Image result for d.va transparentIt would appear that Charlet Chung was always destined to be the voice of one of our Overwatch favorites with their striking lifestyle similarities. Like D.Va, Charlet has grown used to the bright lights and the flashing cameras, as she has been acting in TV for several years in many different varieties. Before becoming the voice of the gaming extraordinaire, Charlet played in various TV shows like CBS’ Cold Cases, Disney’s Shake It Up, and ABC’s Mystery Girls. It as only recently that Charlet decided to take a step outside of her TV career to explore the vast possibilities that come with Voice Acting. Charlet started her voice acting career with Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, where she voiced a character known as Seraph.


It’s A Mech! No, It’s A Plane?

Charlet Chung started thinking of the life as an actress at the very young age of five after being discovered on a plane by a talent agent. Charlet stated on her website that this moment is the earliest that she can recall when she thinks about finding her start in Hollywood. However, Hollywood wasn’t always Charlet’s first choice, especially considering how she was raised in a home of excellence, with parents who both held Masters and Doctorate degrees in their names. Their success served as one of her motivators that inspired her to earn her Bachelors in Communications and her Minor in East Asian Studies. Charlet stated that her goal then was to graduate and become a TV news anchor.

Charlet Chung: Outside The StudioImage result for charlet chung early career

They say “People make time for what they want” and that phrase is very true for Charlet Chung. Charlet is known for being an advocate for women, minorities, and a true supporter of various charities and causes. To name a few of the various charities, Charlet is a supporter of causes such as the Ghetto Rescue, the Downtown Women’s Center, and The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. Charlet is also known for giving back to her local church, taking trips around the world with family, and running in marathons when given a chance.

The Woman, The Mech, The Nano Cola

With many of the castings of Overwatch’s roaster, it seems as though Blizzard Entertainment made sure to pick the characters best counterpart. There are many things that Charlet and D.Va seem to have in common and even a few that we can believe are true. It’s easy to speculate that D.Va may have the same caring heart as Charlet in terms of her generosity. Charlet may even have a secret gaming addiction that we don’t know of! Nevertheless, Charlet serves as an amazing reminder that we can be whatever we want to be. Whether that be a news anchor, a mech pilot, or an actress.

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