Since a child, Collin had always been interested in costuming. Then after attending his first convention, he fell head over heels for the creative world of cosplay. Since that first experience back in 2013, he has continued to refine his craft and push himself to create amazing costumes from the worlds of Overwatch, Assassins Creed, and Dark Souls. We at Omnic Post are excited to introduce you all to Collin Kelley a.k.a Venomous Cosplay!


The interview

How did you get into cosplaying? How long have you been cosplaying for?

I have been into costume making since I was a kid. My mother was an art teacher, and still is, going on almost 30 years of teaching. I didn’t officially get into cosplay until 2013, when there was a local convention that was featuring my favorite cosplayer, Jessica Nigri. From there, my artistic interest in cosplay exploded and I wanted to learn more about this new, exciting, and nerdy world of cosplay.

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Why did you choose to cosplay Reaper (Solider 24)? What drew you in about the character?

I first chose the Soldier 24 costume because of the cool tactical look. I love things that are military and tactical related, whether it be in the real world or in the cosplay world. What drew me in was how much the character of Gabriel Reyes resembled me and how I look from the hair style down my beard. This was a fun project because I already had the Army digital uniform as seen in the game.

What was the biggest struggle when either crafting and/or wearing the costume?

Crafting anything for any type of video or cartoon is always a challenge because most of the time, I have to make templates based off of what I see in game and from pictures. I don’t download any pre-made templates. I make them all from what I see and make adjustments to fit my body. Sometimes, the character designers make really unique designs and you think, “how the heck do I make this shape?”. Its basically trial and error until you find the fit that works the best.

As for actually wearing the costume, I almost always need help from my brother, Ian, who assists me in putting on parts of the costume that just one person can’t physically do. That leads to the challenge of wearing the costume in a state that is hot 10 months out of the year, so I usually plan accordingly to the weather and conditions.

Do you have any memorable interactions with other cosplayers, fans, voice actors, artists, etc. when you cosplayed your hero?

I think wearing any type of costume has memorable moments when introducing it to the cosplay community. Whether it be on social media, to people seeing it first hand at conventions, you get to see and hear all the wonderful feedback from family, friends, and total strangers. Being apart of get-togethers with your friends for massive group photos are always a blast as well.

What hero or hero skin would you love to cosplay?

I would love to do a Reinhardt original skin cosplay in the future.

How do you choose which characters to cosplay in general?

I really just choose which characters I play and like the most from the game and go from there.


Who is your favorite Overwatch hero?

Easy question. Reaper all the way. I loved his design from 2015 when cosplayers were chosen to make and show off some of the heroes from the upcoming game. Reapers look drew me in as I loved his badass and menacing look. Then when the beta was available on PS4, I played Reaper and instantly knew that this was the guy I wanted to main.

Do you have any upcoming costumes planned or currently in the works?

Currently, I’m not in the process of developing any new costumes due to college starting soon, and we all know it’s hard to manage cosplay and school at the same time. So, I’ll have to plan when I feel inspired and when I have the time to start on new cosplays.



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