The true enemy of humanity is a bad cocktail… Well, not really, but the Spawn Lounge Project is back here on Omnic Post for yet another episode of our In-Depth Series, so you won’t have to suffer the distress of being served a dull, or plain bad drink. We are about to share with you some details and behind-the-scenes about one of our Overwatch-themed cocktails, together with the original recipe and its alcohol-free version! Of course, we expect you have already checked out the other Overwatch-related deliciousness we have shared here on Omnic Post and on our Instagram profile. If you haven’t yet, restore the order and do it right now, and drop us a follow if you please!      

Now, it’s been quite a summer for Symmetra: last June she underwent a massive rework and many of her abilities have been modified or completely transformed – we at the SLP have never been keen Symmetra players, but c’mon, how crazy badass are the new Ultimate and its voiceline! Anyway, now that we have all gotten used to the changes, it’s the perfect time to dig in our archives and present you the recipe for our cocktail inspired by the Vishkar architect, the Utopaean Coffee! We’ve been told that this one is meant for greatness by Symmetra voice actress Anjali Bhimani herself, so you really don’t want to miss it!


As for all of our cocktails, we wanted to come up with an original recipe using ingredients that would be a clear reference to the character’s background story. For our Symmetra-inspired drink, we decided to use a coconut liquor as our alcoholic base, since coconut is a widely used ingredient in Indian cuisine. In order to balance out the extreme sweetness of coconut, we searched for the perfect harmony of flavors using bitter coffee as our second ingredient and mixing it with Indian rum Old Monk

Naturally, we needed a fitting name for such a lore-oriented cocktail. That’s why we called it “Utopaean”, as a reference to the Indian city where Vishkar Corporation headquarters are located – Utopaea.         


We are especially proud of the cup we decided to serve it in. Here’s some behind-the-scenes about it! We were going around thrift stores and shops actually looking for a glass for another cocktail, and there we saw it – a rounded- and kind-of-weird-shaped plastic sugar bowl, transparent with blue details. As we looked at each other, we realized we had been struck by the exact same thought: “Symmetra.”

It seemed crazy to us how much the overall shape of the bowl reminded of her lethal sentry turrets, so we knew we had to use it as the container for her cocktail. After some arts-and-crafts and adjustments, we managed to get the cup you can see in the picture, which we designed to separate the two parts which the cocktail is composed of: the inner, smaller blue cup is meant to be filled with the coffee and rum mixture and attached to the lid, and then dismounted to pour the mixture in the coconut base and then drink the cocktail. It might be a little complicated to describe it, so here is a picture of the dissembled cup for you to appreciate the clearly superior design.             

Now that the sentry turret has been placed, let’s move on to the recipe. Of course, we don’t expect you to shape and mould a similar cup from light into being, and there is currently only one single piece in the world. However, you can still savor this cocktail by preparing it in regular cups or glasses of your choice.



  • Coffee (5ml / 1 tsp)
  • Old Monk Rum (2,5ml / ½ tsp)
  • Coconut liquor, or Batida de Coco (70ml / 5 tbsp)

As mentioned above, the Utopaean Coffee is made up of two parts. For the dark part in the small cup, just pour the rum in freshly made coffee, then stir gently. You can either let it cool down, or use it immediately for some extra harmonious contrast with the cold coconut liquor.

Before sipping the cocktail, pour the dark mixture in the Batida de Coco base, and enjoy.

  • Coffee (5ml / 1tsp)
  • Cane sugar syrup (2.5ml / ½ tsp)
  • Coconut milk (70ml / 5tbsp)

To make this cocktail alcohol-free, just follow the original recipe, but use coconut milk instead of Batida de Coco and cane sugar syrup instead of rum! You can find the cane sugar syrup in stores, or make it by heating up water and cane sugar in a 1:2 ratio – for example, 1 cup of water and 2 cups of sugar.

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