Any weeks that include event releases are always full of exciting updates, and the week beginning August 5 has been no different. August 9 marked the release of the Summer Games 2018 event  which brought a collection of new cosmetics and hero adjustments to the live servers. There’s also been some interesting merchandise announcements, so read on to make sure you’ve not missed anything in the world of Overwatch news.

Summer Games 2018

The launch of the Summer Games 2018 late in the week meant Blizzard were able to slowly tease the release of legendary skins. As fans might expect from an event called Summer Games there are plenty of sporting skins, though there was certainly a split within the community as to their popularity. Some fans argued that a sports only theme wasn’t for everyone, while others thought the attention to detail with the skins was the best yet.

Reinhardt, Zenyatta, Roadhog and Winston all received their padded homage to American Sports, while Ana and D.Va have more generic summery looks. Moira, Brigitte and Sombra were given epic skins this event, with their classic skins in the colours of their home countries.

With just over 50 new cosmetic items added this year in the form of skins, voice-lines, victory poses and character icons there is now a total of over 200 exclusive items to be earned in the summer event lootboxes.

Copa Lúcioball is back for the event, allowing fans of the time-limited Lúcioball to earn competitive points playing in a ranked environment. This is the second season of this particular competitive event, bringing with it the usual rewards of CP, an exclusive spray and icon for those who take part. There’s even an extra map in rotation for the second competitive season, so look out for Busan Stadium.

The Summer Games 2018 event will run from August 9 to August 30.

Patch 1.27

In other Overwatch news, Patch 1.27 was released onto live servers at the same time as the Summer Games 2018 event, and quite a few characters received some adjustments. All support characters (apart form Zenyatta) were either buffed or nerfed to ensure that each healer remained an equally viable pick. The community has noted for some time that healers such as Mercy were too strong in comparison to others, and developers have been working hard to fix it.

Widowmaker and Hanzo were among some of the other heroes to receive a balance update, with both having their manoeuvrability slightly nerfed.  Zarya was given some tweaks to her kit so that her ult charges a little faster, but the maxium radius has been nerfed to balance it.

For specific values and more details, the full patch notes are available on our site.

D.Va Nerf! (But IRL) 

Don’t worry, D.Va’s kit has not been touched with the latest patch on PTR or on live servers. Instead, Blizzard have announced a new piece in their collaboration with Hasbro and the Nerf Gun franchise. D.Va’s Light Gun will be available as a replica Nerf Gun, complete with small sponge darts to shoot your friends. While there is no official release date, the Nerf replicas are expected to be available for purchase in early 2019.


Hammond now available in Competitive

The last big Overwatch news update of the week is rather small. Hammond the Hamster, officially known as Wrecking Ball, is now available to use in competitive mode. Having been released for a total of two weeks on live servers, he’s passed his probationary period and Blizzard feel that we’ve had enough time to practice using him. The two week standard is now being applied to all new heroes that enter the game, so players can know for sure when their new favourites can be played in ranked mode.


That rounds up the Overwatch news summary for this week. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for up to date news as it happens.