This week, the community discussion seemed to focus on one thing: Support. From thoughts of reverting back to Mercy’s original form, breaking stigmas of skill ceilings, and remembering to appreciate your support, players had a lot to say. So much in fact, this recap will be deemed the support special! So let’s jump in and check out the discussion.

Should they revert Mercy?

Since the beginning of Overwatch, heroes have gone through numerous changes. Every character has been affected by buffs, nerfs, meta changes, and sometimes even total reworks of their abilities. But no other character has seen the amount of changes Mercy has. She was (in)famous for her huge rez ultimate ability in the earlier days of OW. After players expressed concern on just how powerful this ultimate was, the OW team agreed, and thus began the timeline of Mercy changes that is still going on today.

Currently, Mercy’s ultimate is Valkyrie. The OW team decided to remove the resurrection aspect on her ultimate back in September, and opted for chain healing/damage boosting, flying, and a slight damage buff on her gun. But after various buffs and nerfs trying to balance Valkyrie, some players are now wondering if it would be better to just revert Mercy to her old ways.

User Remedy said, “I’m totally against anything that brings back ‘hide and seek’ Mercy play style. If there is a middle ground between her current state and that being her most effective play style, then I’m all for it.” User HavocS agreed saying, ” Hide and seek Mercy with the mass rez was a toxic mechanism, reverting is a bad idea.”

User Forklift17 gave their opinion on what could be a working balance for Mercy. They posted, “I’d like to see a hybrid solution. Rez goes back to ulitmate. It casts instantly on the targeted hero and the nearest dead hero within 5m, casting requires LoS. Valk goes to E, and only lasts for 3 seconds.”


The OW team seems to keep an eye out on player’s opinions on a character’s overall effectiveness. So hopefully the community’s concerns will put Mercy under the microscope.


Supports too easy?

Each role in Overwatch brings their own advantages to the game. But when it comes to the support class, some have the opinion support characters may be ‘too easy’. For example, user Dragon posted, “I don’t want any more easy to play supports. People like playing DPS because they like using abilities that displays skill. From now on, please only release supports that take a good amount of skill and can make skillful play. No easier than Zen, and up to as hard as Ana.”

User Ficus disagreed though saying, “The problem with this argument is it comes off as: skill = aim”. Ficus goes on to try and break down the “easy to play” stigma saying, “I’d argue 70% of any support’s skill level is based on things like situational awareness, placement, and prioritizing targets.” They end their opinion saying, “Every hero does not need to be aim reliant. While I would like to see some creativity in the support heroes they release, we are in fact most in need of a simple, steady, reliable support to compete with Mercy versus the hybrids they’ve been releasing.”


User Orion started up a separate forum in response to the “No more easy to play supports” board. They stated their feelings on the matter saying, “Supports in Overwatch have continually suffered the unearned reputation of being easy to play”. They go on to list several reasons and examples attempting to “dispel some myths that have been plaguing the player base of this game for a long time”. Orion brings up many good arguments and examples in their post. The overall theme of the post follows the idea that no matter what role you play, each brings their own advantages and players bring all sorts of skill levels.  (Follow the forum link below to read more).


Give thanks!

To wrap this week up, let’s end on a positive note. Thanking your support, DPS, and tanks for their work goes a long way. A quick in-game “thanks!” or even an endorsement makes players feel they were successful and valued to their team. You may even find some friends along the way.

That’s it for this week! Do you think Mercy needs another rework? Or should they revert her to her old ways? What would make for good middle ground for her abilities? What’s your opinion on the current support heroes? Are they too easy? What would you like to see implemented with future support characters? Be sure to let us know your opinions and thoughts in the comment section, and we’ll see you next week!