The world of cosplay came to Lindy as a teen. With feelings of doubt that the hobby may be too expensive or not worth the time, her interest was kept on hold. That is until she witnessed a well-renown cosplayer in person. Seeing the cosplayer have fun and getting to do what they loved while dressed up as their favorite characters, ignited Lindy’s interest and blossomed into a passion. We at Omnic Cosplay are excited to introduce you all to Lindy a.k.a Kalseru Cosplay!


The interview

Photographer: RS Molog Fotografie

How did you get into cosplaying? How long have you been cosplaying for?

When I was a teen, I wanted to start cosplaying by buying some pre-made costumes from the internet. My dad was not a fan of that thought. He told me to not to because I would just make a fool out of myself and it would be a waste of money. Then about 5 years ago, I was playing the World of Warcraft trading card game with my boyfriend. During worlds in Rotterdam, I saw Kamui Cosplay sitting there as Vanessa VanCleef. That was the last push I needed to start cosplaying! My boyfriend supported me from the beginning, even though he thought it was a rather strange and expensive hobby. My first cosplay ever made, Ysera the Dreamer, even won a prize! So that drove me to pursue this passion even more!


Photographer: Jeroen Weimar Photography

Why did you choose to cosplay Roadhog? What drew you in about the character?

To be honest, the rebel in me drew me to cosplaying Roadhog. I had seen gorgeous ladies genderbending him, with bare belly and pushed up, revealing breasts in just a bra or crop top. I am rather ashamed of my floppy body, and was of course jealous! But I was also thinking “why do girls have to do half-naked genderbends?” So in a rebellious mood, I started crafting my own version!

What was the biggest struggle when crafting your Roadhog costume? What was the biggest struggle wearing it?

The fact my body can’t really bare fake tattoos. I get rashes from them which last a few weeks. With Roadhog’s belly tattoo being quite big, it kind of got me worried. Should I print it on a shirt? Draw it on a shirt? Body paint it on my belly?  I thought to myself: “MEH!” (while throwing some things around, worrying the cosplay wont be accurate enough) but eventually stopped thinking about his tattoo when I started crafting him.

My biggest struggle while wearing it was the mask. The whole cosplay is made out of EVA-foam, and some parts are covered in Worbla. On warm summer days, it’s kind of hard to breathe through the mask. So during shoots or other activities, I sometimes need to pause to catch some fresh air!


Do you have any memorable interactions with other cosplayers, fans, voice actors, artists, etc. when you cosplayed your hero(s)?

OH HELL YES! During the spring edition of Dutch Comic Con in the Netherlands in 2018, voice actress Carolina Ravassa, (voice actress of Sombra from Overwatch) waved to me and yelled “HI JUNKRAT”! So I looked behind me, saw no Junkrat, and kind of shrugged like Reaper does in-game. She corrected herself with ‘I mean Roadhog!”and then came up to me and said she wanted a photo with me! I was so flabbergasted! Our photo ended up on her Instagram, and I even got an autograph for free. I loved that moment!

Next to that, I love giving children who want to get a photograph with me my props for them to pose with. Their eyes always get so big when they get to hold my meat hook or scrap gun. It gives me the giggles every time.


What hero or hero skin would you love to cosplay?

Oh my wish list keeps on growing. I found an amazing fan-art mashup between Warhammer and Overwatch. I need to cosplay one of the characters I found in that style. I also want to make a Reinhardt because he was my first main! It does need to have a golden weapon, because I own that in-game as well.


Photographer: Christian Gschweng Fotografie

Who is your favorite Overwatch hero?

Hard one. I main Mercy, and play competitive with her, but I also love Moira and her attitude.



What makes cosplay fun for you?

Being who you are, doing what you want, and enjoying what you do!



Do you have any new cosplay plans coming up? 

So many! Like I stated earlier, Reinhardt is coming up, as well as Mercy. I’m not sure which skins though. But I am a huge Blizzard fan, so I will probably do some World of Warcraft characters as well. I am currently working on Reshad, an Arakkoa bird from the first expansion from the game!


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