Everyone wants to get Play of the Game in Overwatch, don’t they? It’s the ultimate proof of individual skill, but it’s not worth it if you don’t have a brilliant highlight intro to top it all off. Highlight intros are the cherry on top of the cake, they prove you’re the real deal and above all else, are a great bit of fun. So here’s our list of our favourite highlight intros in Overwatch. Enjoy!

10. Widowmaker – Under The Mistletoe

To start us off we have a brilliantly brutal intro from Widowmaker. It was a close call between this and Soldier 76’s very similar highlight intro that was introduced earlier this year, but Widowmaker’s just seems more fitting with her character. Luring you into a false sense of security, only to knock you out. This intro had to be on the list.

9. Torbjörn – My Baby

Torbjörn’s ‘My Baby’ highlight intro makes the list for being incredibly sweet. You could say it’s just a turret, but look at the photographs! The memories! This great highlight intro is available in Archive loot boxes and is well worth it.

8. Orisa – OH!

Everyone’s favourite Omnic charms her way to number eight with her amazing highlight intro, ‘Oh!’. The way she notices the camera and stops to give a little wave makes me love her even more than I thought was humanly/omnicaly possible, and is a must have for any Orisa main.

7. Roadhog – Feast

We can all relate to this one, can’t we? Available in Lunar loot boxes, Roadhog is caught in the act after eating a few too many snacks and clearly is about to nod off into a food coma. For being the most relatable highlight intro in the game, ‘Feast’ makes the top ten.

6. Mercy – Fortune

Everyone’s favourite guardian angel makes number six due to her having what I think is the most lovely highlight intro in the game. ‘Fortune’ shows Mercy doing all sorts of magical things with her staff, before leaving a lovely Chinese symbol on the ground to wish everyone fortune.

5. Junkrat – Unfortunate

Old but gold, Junkrat’s ‘Unfortunate’ highlight intro is still one of my favourites to grace the game despite the amount of times I seem to see it. It’s hilarious and just so… Junkratty. I am also a massive fan of his ‘Shot-put’ intro, but I still this one takes the cake.

4. Ana – Under Fire

This was such a hard choice, as Ana’s ‘Shh’ highlight intro is also one of my favourites! But her most recent highlight intro, ‘Under Fire’, is just so well done, it won the spot. The sad part is, you’re unlikely to ever see it as getting PotG with Ana is practically impossible (You should check out my previous article covering this is more detail: The 4 Hardest Characters To Get Play Of The Game With).

3. Mei – Ice Scream

In third place is the adorable ‘Ice Scream’ highlight intro for Mei. This intro, available in Halloween loot boxes, is the cutest in the game by far and is the best of of a great bunch for Mei. Her ‘Frosty :)’ and ‘Going Up’ highlight intros are also amazing.

2. D.Va – Selfie

Coming in as runner up is D.va with her incredible Selfie highlight intro. Available exclusively in Archive loot boxes, the Selfie intro is a must have for any D.Va mains looking to grab Play of the Game with an impressive Self-Destruct multi-kill.

1. Sombra – Hacking

Our number one is of course Sombra’s amazing Hacking highlight intro. The intro is so good because it trolls other players into thinking they have Play of the Game, before revealing that the actual Play of the Game is yours *cue evil laughter*. It sums up Sombra amazingly well as a character and is by far the best highlight intro Overwatch has to offer.


What do you think of our list? There is so many highlight intros, so whittling them down to just 10 was really hard! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us on social media for everything Overwatch.