Today at the Omnic Post we are starting a new series that will take us all the the way to BlizzCon and the Overwatch World Cup Finals. Welcome to the Overwatch World Cup Spotlight, where once a week we give an in depth look into an Overwatch League pro who will be representing their country during the World Cup. To start our series we will look at one the most dominate Tracer players in world, Saebyeolbe.

Who is Saebyeolbe

Saebyeolbe (SBB) was born December 23rd 1995 as Jong-ryeol Park in Seoul, South Korea. In elementary school his parents divorced, him and his sister ended up living with their mom as they grew up. In middle school SBB took up bowling even becoming a professional for sometime. At the age 17, he would find his love for video games with CS:GO (a game he has over 5000 hours logged) and has stated while he could have gone pro in CS, the game isn’t as popular in Korea as it is around the world. In accordance with Korean law he would then do his time in the Korean army. While in the army Saebyeolbe broke his knee and he was released early but eventually will have to return to serve his remaining time. After returning home SBB would find Overwatch and he fell in love with game. Before he moved to the US for the Overwatch League Saebyeolbe found love and married his now wife.

Where Saebyeolbe Started

Before taking the Overwatch League by storm, Saebyeolbe had been playing professional Overwatch in Korea as a member of LW Blue (now the NYXL). As a member of the LW Blue team he was able to help his team come in 3rd place in season 2 of APEX, although they would fail to make it out the group stage in season 3. After the end of season 3 of APEX, SBB would be offered a spot on the South Korean Overwatch World Cup team for 2017.

There he would meet up with greats like RyuJehong, Tobi, and Flow3r and proceed to dominate the world and become the 2017 World Champions. SBB would later return to his team LW Blue as they prepared for APEX season 4. On August 22nd 2017 LW Blue shocked the APEX world by dropping out of the league mid season. Eventually LW Blue announced Saebyeolbe and the whole team would become New York Excelsior in the Overwatch League.

Over the inaugural season of the Overwatch League we watched has Saebyeolbe and the NYXL dominate the league. Now he moves on to represent his country for a second year in a row and keep the title of World Champions in South Korea.