As Overwatch comes into it’s second year, it brings millions of players with it- some of them artists. There are many different forms of art and artists, popular in the Overwatch community are cosplayers and digital artists. However some of the non conventional artists have been overlooked.  Let’s bring them into the light, shall we. This week we will be learning a little bit about handmade chibi figures!

Episode 4

Last week we had a look at xmisstwilax’s plushies! For this episode of Rialto Gallery, I’ve interviewed shop owner HeartStringsFigures. She shows her love for Overwatch and it’s heroes by making chibi figures!

What are chibi figures?

Chibi is a Japanese slang word describing something short (a thing, an animal or a person)This style of artwork, also known as super deformed, has since found its way into anime and manga fandom through its usage in manga works.

When did you start making figures? What made you interested in the first place?

I started making figures January this year. I am totally self taught and I started making figures because I needed something to divert my attention from boredom and my anxieties. I find making clay figures as very relaxing and very fullfilling. Once I finished a figure, it brought me lots of joy to know I accomplished something really nice and cute!   

What figure that you’ve made is your favorite?

My favorite is the 3 inch D.Va figure, it has a sort of sentimental value to me. I think it’s the 5th figure I made and it was the first figure that I actually replicated from a photo reference and I tried very hard on it, I actually paid attention to the miniscule details. 

Do you have any future figures you are looking forward to making?

I want to challenge myself and make omnic and more armory heroes like Reinhardt, Zenyatta and Orisa. Armors are very hard to make since you have to pay attention to the curves and details of it! I am also getting a lot of interest from the Maplestory community, they usually ask for their characters to be made into a figure.

What made you start playing Overwatch? Who’s your favorite hero? Are you excited for the summer games?

 I started playing Overwatch because a group of friends started playing. They needed a healer, since I love playing support healers in all the mmos we have played, then I guess they recruited me to be their healer. Funny thing is, they all stopped playing and I am the only one who plays anymore. Thankfully I found some new people to play with, I actually met my boyfriend while playing Overwatch! My favorite hero is Mercy, she was the first hero played. I refused to play male characters back then, I am very girly in real life and I try to be girly in video games too. I found Mercy very fullfilling, and yes, I am a Mercy main! I like to think I’m pretty good at her too. My other mains are Moira and Lucio, I want to be better at Zenyatta and Ana but my aim is kinda bad, not to mention my ping is usually around 250+ haha! I’m excited for the summer games, I am more excited for new skins! I think they will reuse Lucio ball again but I hope they make a new summer game mode. Maybe, water balloon throwing on a beach? Or maybe a paint ball game mode? Or a volleyball by the beach game, so many ideas! Maybe Blizzard should hire me.


Can you tell us a little about the process? What’s your favorite part?

The process starts with me analizing what needs to be done first, I see it as a puzzle. Some parts need to be made first. Just like the  face, I need to do it first because it will take days to fully dry before I can paint on it. Then I start making the base, the base needs to harden as well before I can use it as a stand. Then I start making the legs and work my way up. The more detailed the figure, the longer it will take to finish it. I usually take several breaks if I am feeling burnt out, it really shows on my work if I am already tired, so I usually do something else or continue making it the next day when I am feeling less frustrated about a part of a detail or tired. My favorite part is painting the face and adding the hair. Painting the face is never fast. It takes me about forty five minutes to two hours to finish painting the face, especially the eyes. I do it layer by layer and mix colors as needed. I love how after I finish fixing the hair, you can see the huge resemblance of the figure to the reference photo. The face and the hair really brings them all together!

That’s all for this week. You can find more of HeartStringsFigures on her Instagram. Go check out her cool figures for yourself.

As always, if you’d like to see other fantastic artists, you can visit The Omnic Art on Instagram.