Welcome back to the Omnic Art Showcase, the interview series where we weekly interview one of the artists whose Overwatch art has caught our eye and whom we’d like to know a bit more about.

This week we’ll be talking to Liz Ariyala, whose incredibly cute Hammond art made many an Instagram follower’s heart melt!

Question 1: Who are you? Tell us something about yourself.

Name: Liz
Alias: Liz Ariyala
Location: UK
Preferred Medium: Photoshop (one day I would love to touch into some 3D softwares like ZBrush but that’s for another time)

Hi I’m Liz! I’m a British self taught artist and I LOVE to do fanarts, I have only been drawing fairly recently so I am still learning and improving and like to share my journey with everyone on my social medias, patreon and youtube!


Question 2: How did you get into Overwatch?

I remember the release and thought the gameplay and graphics were so unique and cool as well as the characters stories, the game is so different from any other of its kind in my opinion.

Question 3: Who’s your favourite OW hero and why?

D.V.A – she is so freaking sexy!


Question 4: If you had to pick one of your Overwatch artworks to show off, which one would it be and why?

Hammond as its my first one, but im super pleased with the way it turned out as it looks quite different from my original sketch


As this is your first Overwatch fanart, do you think you’ll make more artworks for OW?

Yes definitely, I had so much fun drawing Hammond and I love that the game is so vivid and colourful, as an artist you can really have a lot of fun! I would definitely love to draw D.V.A!!

Question 5: If you had to pick one of your non-Overwatch designs to show off, which one would it be and why?

Probably my League of Legends fanart of Irelia, simply because this is my most popular piece- when i first shared this on Twitter RIOT Games retweeted it, and that single moment was the best thing to happen in my artist career so far lol, i still remember it even now, my heart was racing and i couldnt talk or breathe, it was a huge deal to me to get that kind of recognition. On one hand i had done a ‘good job’ as the company themselves liked it and that made me feel so happy, and on the other the retweet got me alot of exposure and the amount of likes i got from that was so overwhelming, it kept flooding my Twitter notifications tab for about 3 days and since then i started getting commissions, i rememeber that same night i had to go to bed early as i felt so nausiated from being so happy and excited that that happened!

Question 6: What would you tell/ask of Blizzard (or Riot Games 😉 ) if you ever got the chance to speak to them?

Probably something like ‘What would it take for me to become an Intern with you’? My dream job would be to work as an artist at a gaming company, but I would prefer to start at the bottom so I can learn not only about becoming a better artist but about the company’s direction and ways of working, that’s super important!

And there you have it, meet Liz in six questions! You can admire more of her artwork on Twitter, you can watch her videos on Youtube where you can watch her draw or play videogames, and if you’d like to show your support you can always become one of her Patrons via Patreon!

If there is any Overwatch fanartist you’d like to know more about, please let us know in the comments below and we will try to catch them for an interview. Check again next week for a new artist on the Omnic Art Showcase!

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