Welcome to this week’s edition of Behind the Hero, a new series that takes a look at the voice actors working so hard to bring our favorite heroes to life. Our fourth episode will focus on the amazingly sassy Latina, Carolina Ravassa, as the voice of Sombra in Overwatch.


Notable Roles

To be the voice of Sombra, a stealthy hacker that hides in plain sight and dishes DPS for days, you must be one amazing woman to embody such a persona. Carolina Ravassa does more than live up to the task. When not voicing the cybernetic Talon agent, Carolina performs on camera as an actress in titles like Suspense, El Gallo, and Mr. Robot. Carolina even amazes when she’s not around a camera at all as she has performed as a voice actor well before her time with Overwatch. Carolina has voiced Taliana Martinez in the first Grand Theft Auto game of the series and provided voice material for Max Payne.

Take It From The Top

Carolina Ravassa started pursuing the life of an actress at a very young age, with her first role in a local production being Gretel in The Sound of Music. Carolina grew up between several counties, spending the most time between Columbia and the United States. As a result, Carolina has studied in both Spain and Italy and is fluent in four languages: English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. Carolina stated in her biography on her website,  that being able to see different parts of the world was her motivation for exploring socio-political change through theatre. Carolina used this motivation to achieve her Theatre Arts degree from Boston College and did one year of acting for film/TV at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

Hispango-Saxon – A One Woman Web Series

Performing as a well-trained actress and voice actor alone can constitute as a full-time job and a full days work. Nevertheless, Carolina doesn’t let her busy schedule stop her or slow her down. Instead, Carolina makes time to produce her own one-woman web series on a topic that not only allows people to laugh but also serves to educate them. In 2015, Carolina Ravassa launched her YouTube series Hispanglo-Saxon, where she sheds light on the struggles she faces as being a light-skinned latina woman in a comedic way. Carolina’s series covers the life of a white latina woman living in New York as she goes through auditions, blind dates, and interviews. The web series has over 140,000 YouTube subscribers and two seasons. Carolina plays a new and unique character with each story she tells and does so with an iPhone, iMovie, and a few borrowed wigs.


At the end of the day, Sombra and Carolina have more in common than one might think. Sombra can easily take over the world with just a boop, and Carolina can motivate thousands with just the sound of her voice. If learning more about the voice of Sombra has made you want to keep up with her activities and her career, you can follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Don’t forget to subscribe to her YouTube Channel to learn more about Hispanglo-Saxon and her fun adventures with various Overwatch Voice Actors.