Welcome to the Omnic Art Showcase, a new interview series where we will weekly interview one of the artists whose Overwatch art has been posted on our Instagram page and whom we’d like to know a bit more about.
This week’s artist is DigiFlohw, whom some of you might recognise from this ‘aMEIzing’ ..Brigitte fanart (admit it, you guys were expecting a Mei art piece, but don’t worry, you’ll find one further down the article).

Question 1: Who are you? Tell us something about yourself.

Name: Karn Kirk Ratanasin
Alias: DigiFlohw
Location: United States
Occupation: Freelance Illustrator / Character Artist
Preferred Medium: Digital (easier to make edits; a lot less messier than traditional; overall more convenient)

I’m primarily a self taught artist, and have been drawing seriously for the past 3 years (since 2014). I enjoy painting artwork that can tell a story with some world building elements. I took an interest in art and illustration when I was about 6, with Bob Ross as my first true inspiration at the age of 9. The only formal training I’ve had were a basic illustration and graphic design class as part of a 3D Modeling and Rendering degree. At the time, it was the only degree that was the closest thing to what I wanted to do, which is to create characters. After completing my degree, I still found that my 2D illustration skill set was severely lacking. I refocused my efforts to improve them, and ended up loving it more than 3D.

Question 2: How did you get into Overwatch?

I got into it right away when it was first announced back in 2014, and haven’t stopped loving it since.  The character designs and art are nothing short of amazing, as well as the gameplay.

Question 3: Who’s your favourite OW hero and why?

It’s a tie between D.Va and Brigitte.  I enjoy the in-your-face gameplay that they both have, while also defending and supporting your team at the same time.

D.Va: I enjoy using D.Va’s Defense Matrix to eat up other heroes’ special attacks, harassing targets with her mobility, and her pistol is deceptively great.  The aesthetics for her and her mech are wonderful.  I would love to see some Starcraft skins for her in Overwatch, like there are in Heroes of the Storm.

Brigitte: She’s all around great.  She can help protect her team, heal them, buff them, and provide crowd control and supportive damage.  I especially enjoy her shield bash and ability to quickly save/assist a teammate.  Her positive personality coming out during a match is also a nice touch.

Question 4: If you had to pick one of your Overwatch artworks to show off, which one would it be and why?

That would be my “Frostbite” fan art of Mei (or “Battle Mei” as some people have called it).  I believe it’s the Overwatch fan art that I’ve spent the most time working on, and I really enjoyed doing a different take on her.  It’s a “What if Mei was never frozen and was around for the Omnic Crisis?” There was a translation error on her shirt that was supposed to mean “frostbite”, but I was fortunate enough to have someone help me correct it.  The version with the mistranslation is probably still floating around somewhere on the internet, haha.


Question 5: If you had to pick one of your non-Overwatch designs to show off, which one would it be and why? 

It would be my “The Last Metroid” Samus fan art.  It’s one of the more colorful artwork I’ve done, and an improvement over my previous Samus artwork.  The process was streamed on my Twitch channel, and one of my favorite artists (Stanley “Artgerm” Lau) popped in.  He said my Samus was pretty, and gave some welcome tips and advice.  That definitely made my day.  A time-lapse version of the process can be found on my YouTube channel.


Question 6: What would you tell/ask of Blizzard if you ever got the chance to speak to them? 

If I ever got the chance to talk with Blizzard, I’d tell them to keep up the great work, and continue to pour their hearts into their games.
Things I’d ask them: this sounds cheesy, but I’d ask if I could help work on a new hero. I’d also like it if they’d add more IP crossover themed skins such as Death Knight Mei and D.Va the Destroyer. And last but not least, when is Diablo 4 coming?!

And there you have it, meet DigiFlohw in six questions! You can admire more of his artwork on DeviantArt, Twitter, Instagram, etc. And if you’d like to commision some DigiFlohw artwork of your own, you can always check out his website: https://digiflohw.com.

Is there is any Overwatch fanartist you’d like to know more about, please let us know in the comments below and we will try to catch them for an interview. Check again next week for a new artist on the Omnic Art Showcase!