This week, there’s been a lot of excitement surrounding the latest Hero reveal as Blizzard updated the PTR with Hammond’s cosmetics. On top of that, Symmetra was made playable in competitive mode and the amount of money donated as part of the Pink Mercy charity event was finally revealed.

Live Art Stream with Hammond

On Thursday this week, Assistant Lead Art Director Arnold Tsang was joined by his colleague Ben Zhang, Lead Concept Artist as part of a live stream on Twitch. The two sat side by side to discuss the process of creating a character, how they arrived at the final design of Hero 28 “Wrecking Ball”, and even shared a few concept pieces during the stream.

The highlight of the event however was the reveal of Wrecking Ball’s first Legendary skin, shown to viewers as it was drawn live on Photoshop by Ben. The reveal was slow as he drew the outline of the hero first, but soon we had a glimpse of Hammond’s Lunar Colony skin. During the process, viewers were also treated to some glimpses of concept art as the pair discussed just how long it takes to finalise a hero idea, and how long they can be left floating as ideas.

Once the stream was over, the PTR started updating with a patch that introduced all of Hammond’s cosmetics. Skins, highlight intros, victory poses and emotes were revealed and can be tested on the server. For those unable to access the test realm, all cosmetics have been uploaded onto the Omnic Post Instagram page and on YouTube.

Symmetra now Playable in Competitive Mode

Symmetra was released onto live servers two weeks ago after a major rework on the PTR. In line with Blizzards new plans to have heroes available for use in competitive mode two weeks after their release to the live servers, Symmetra 3.0 is now playable in all competitive game modes across all platforms of Overwatch.

BCRF Charity Campaign Donation

At the beginning of May, Blizzard started a campaign in partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, or BCRF. A time limited Pink Mercy Skin was offered to raise funds along with a limited t-shirt and special in game sprays that could only be earned by watching specially organised charity streams. All money donated during the streams went straight to the BCRF, rather than to the streamers themselves, and viewers flocked in the thousands to donate.

The total donation has been revealed and has now been donated to the charity for an amazing 12.7 million dollars. Well done heroes!