Top Forum Posts for the Week of July 2nd-9th

This week, things have been stirring up within the community discussion boards. From opinions on character changes, hero play-ability and problems with some of the new social system aspects, players have been very outspoken this past week. Let’s dive in to some of the player’s posts and opinions.

Private Profiles causing or solving problems?

Within the last week, Overwatch released an update featuring new social systems and changes. One of the changes introduced was allowing players the ability to set their career profile private or public. The Overwatch team decided all career profiles would be set to private by default until set otherwise by the player. They thought setting career profiles to private would lessen the toxicity some players encounter when trying to play certain heroes. Some players would use the time you have logged on certain heroes against you or base your skill level on a handful of heroes. The community seems to love the Looking for Group and Endorsement system, but what about the private career profiles? The forums had both positive and negative things to say.

User AnarKist brought up the point that the time logged on a certain character(s) is not always accurate. Stating they played lots of Pharah in the beta version of the game, but nowadays have been practicing other heroes. AnarKist states, “So, by looking at my profile, you would assume that she [Pharah] is my best hero. Which is not really accurate. Making profiles private was a necessary and tangible improvement to the game.”


On the other hand, user WonderBuster had some issues with private profiles. WonderBuster believes, “Having a private profile is a huge problem in competitive right now”. Their reason to believe this is because “you can’t tell what a person is strong at. You can only observe through gameplay how bad they are at a certain character.”

With the debate going on, user Ungod comes to the conclusion that these issues can easily be avoided with the use of the new Looking for Group system. Ungod says, “You now have the tools to weed out these people should you choose. Create a group and state public profiles only.”

Besides using the LFG system, many users also praised the use of voice chat. If you are utilizing voice chat, communicating with your team on who your best heroes are works the best, no matter your profile privacy settings. 

Is Mercy boring?

Mercy has always been in the spotlight since the early days of Overwatch. Her resurrection ability has been both criticised and praised. After numerous nerfs and buffs, she finally went through a rework. But even after her rework turning her previous ultimate ability into a regular cooldown ability, adjusting her movement, healing output, and more, she is still being looked at. But why? Could her main problem be that she’s just boring to play? Users took to the forums to discuss.

User eGirl criticised Mercy calling her a borderline ‘automatic hero’. Based on their post, they seem to crave a balance to the game when it comes to its supports.

WarriorPoet defended Mercy players saying, “I would still rather have a Mercy on my team than any other healer.” But to finish off their post, WarriorPoet states, “Mercy mains, keep up the good work with your kinda boring to play hero.” Ouch.

User heck added in that maybe Mercy could use a bit of flair to her abilities to make her more fun. “It would be cool if they added a soul collecting mini game for Mercy.” the user said. The soul collecting would be similar to Torbjorn’s scrap collecting aspect. In Mercy’s case, each soul would build up towards a rez. User heck ended their post saying, “Not sure if that’s fit her persona, but I’d have fun.”

PTR Sombra causes mixed emotions

With Overwatch always wanting to keep the game feeling new as well as balanced, lots of reworking has been in play recently. With Symmetra being the newest reworked candidate, Sombra seems to be the next focus. However, players are on the fence about the changes that went live on the PTR to Sombra.

User Ashriel posted on the Sombra changes, discussing their complaints after logging over 300 hours on the hero. “These changes may make Sombra spend more time in the enemy backline, but at the cost of uptime, mobility, and reliability. Each of which is crucial to her contributions in Overwatch.” posted Ashriel.

User Erdbeere also was on the fence on the Sombra changes. They posted, “I feel infinite stealth and translocator is bad because it punishes people who can manage her cool downs.” Erdbeere believes Sombra is overall at a good place, and only needs a few small changes. “We just need some bug fixes. I love the reload cancel, and I’d love to see a damage threshold on her abilities. That’s it.” Hopefully the Overwatch team will take the feedback from the community and put it towards making Sombra more effective.


Until next week!

That’s it for this weekly recap on the top forum posts! What is your opinion on private profiles? Are they causing more harm than good? Is Mercy a boring character? How would you improve Mercy to make her more fun to play? Are Sombra’s changes needed or just a bit over the top? Let us know in the comment section below! See you next week, heroes!