This week, I had the opportunity to interview cosplay duo, Team Paraluna (aka Liza and Sophie)! Recently, their Demon Symmetra and Witch Mercy costumes have captured the eyes of many on Instagram. Their amazing craftsmanship and eye for detail has brought the cosplay couple to successfully compete and win convention competitions.

Photo by: Miradel

Being avid Overwatch players, Liza and Sophie love cosplaying the Overwatch heroes. They have cosplayed Tracer, Widowmaker, Symmetra, and Mercy so far, but hope to do more soon.


With this cosplay duo on the rise, Omnic Cosplay is happy to introduce you all to Team Paraluna!

The interview

How did you get into cosplaying? How long have you been cosplaying for?

We’ve been cosplaying together since 2010, so quite a while haha! We got into it because of an interest in sewing and performing on stage, as we both had been in theatre and dance groups before. We both knew what cosplay was beforehand, but didn’t really get into it until we started cosplaying as a team and couple. Sharing our hobby has made our bond a lot stronger, and it’s a lot of fun to share this passion with each other.

Why did you choose to cosplay Dragon Symmetra & Witch Mercy?

Photo by: Jeroen Weimar Photography

What drew you in to the characters?

We are both avid Overwatch players and we absolutely loved the Halloween event when it first came out. The event is quite different from the usual gameplay and we enjoyed playing it together. Sophie had wanted to do a Mercy cosplay, but she wasn’t sure if she could pull off the sweet, innocent look that Mercy usually has. The Witch Mercy skin has a tad more edge and fit her just perfectly. She fell in love with that skin immediately, and has been using it on her account ever since. Liza has been maining Symmetra since the release, and did not hesitate to join me when Symmetra’s Halloween skin was released.

What was the biggest struggle when either crafting and/or wearing your costume?

Dragon Symmetra is the kind of costume you sit down for to make a list on how to get started, and then just.. have no clue about! We had to invent a lot of new techniques and test out different materials to find things that worked, both in texture, and in practicality for wearing the costume. The bodysuit was designed digitally and then printed on a specific bodysuit fabric, so that we could sew a second “skin” for Liza. All the glowing elements had to be printed at the exact right spot, so that we could pattern the suit out of it. Of course the headpiece was also a challenge, but we managed to keep it very light, so that it can be worn comfortably.

For Witch Mercy, the biggest challenge was getting the silhouette just right. To get the more cartoonified proportions of an Overwatch character, Sophie made a corset pattern that would reduce her waist while emphasizing the waist and hips, while also incorporating the design of Witch Mercy’s bodice. There were a lot of pattern pieces in that corset! The wings were also a challenge, especially to keep the accurate shape of the wings while introducing the LED-strips into it. Figuring out where the battery pack should go is always a headache!

Do you have any memorable interactions with other cosplayers, fans, voice actors, artists, etc. when you cosplayed your heroes?

When we’re wearing our Overwatch costumes, we always have a lot of fun with the other Overwatch cosplayers. Frankly hearing “I need healing” from Genji cosplayers never gets old. We also were lucky enough to meet Chloe Hollings (the voice of Widowmaker) and we showed her a picture of my Widowmaker costume, and she was super impressed. It was a really great moment! Tracer also always gets a lot of attention, I especially love the little kids that get super excited when they spot her.

Photo by: Miradel

What other hero or hero skins would you love to cosplay?

Oohhh there are many! Sophie really wants to make a Moira costume at some point, and Liza dreams of doing Genji one day. But there are so many! Sombra is cute too, and so is Brigitte… It mostly depends on what we can do together.

Who is your favorite Overwatch hero?

It’s really difficult to pick just one! We have a few favorites, especially Tracer, Widowmaker, Sombra and Symmetra. But there are a lot of characters that we really like. So we still got a lot to pick from for even more Overwatch projects for the two of us!

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Where to find them

Team Paraluna (Liza and Sophie) can be found on:

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And if you’d like to see more great examples of Overwatch Cosplayers, be sure to check out our Omnic Cosplay Instagram!