The Summer Games are almost upon us once again and with it will come the much loved Lúcioball. But as things stand, Lúcio playing football (or soccer to any of you Americans reading) is as far as Blizzard have ventured into the realm of sports. So that got us thinking… What new sports could they introduce during this year’s Summer Games? Here is the top five events we’d love to see!

5. Hanzo – Archery

Archery would work so well in the Summer Games! Everyone plays as Hanzo and you have to try hit as many targets as possible… simple right? Some of the targets are close, some are far away, maybe some are moving to make them harder to hit. This would be a really fun addition to the arcade section and would be a nice change of pace for Overwatch.

4. Zenyatta – Taekwondo

This event won our Weekly poll: The next Summer Games brawl so I had to include it in our list! I have no idea how this would work in the game, I’m guessing it would just be two Zenyattas kicking the crap out of each other? Either way, I’m so up for Zenwondo (you can use the name Blizzard, you’re welcome).

3. Mercy – Badminton

This is another one that I really think could work well. Mercy would have to be in her Valkyrie form for the entire game, so that players could fly around at will to hit the shuttle. I’m also thinking that the court and net would have to be very large and the shuttle would have to move quite slowly to make this work, but it would be so much fun!

2. Wrecking Ball/Hammond – Hamster Racing

What are we calling this guy? Wrecking Ball? Hammond? I’m not sure yet, but seeing him roll and swing around the map had me think of a great Summer Games event… Hamster Racing! Big slopes, jumps you have to clear, and your Ultimate becomes one big mine that you leave behind (like in Mario Kart). This would be so much fun, please make this happen!

1. Torbjörn – Water Polo

This one popped up in one of our comments sections and it made me laugh so had to include it. I would never have thought this would be possible, but they just introduced a giant hamster as hero 28 so who knows what’s possible anymore! There is nothing I want more from Overwatch than to play water polo with a tiny Swedish engineer. Again, I have literally no idea how this would even work in terms of gameplay, but that is what them creative folk over at Blizzard are payed for! Lets make this happen #TorbjörnWaterPolo2018


Are there any events you’d like to see included in this year’s Summer Games? Let us know if the comments below!