Last fortnight, for our sixteenth session of Lorewatch, we took a look at Bastion and how Ganymede helped him realize a non-violent existence.

This week, Pharah will take the stand. Join me as we delve into the lore behind Overwatch’s Security Chief.

Lore Session Seventeen: Pharah

Fareeha Amari, otherwise known as Pharah, was born into a bloodline of soldiers. Taking after her mother Ana, Fareeha began to display a determination for justice from a young age, which carried on through her upbringing.

As a child, Fareeha learned martial arts from her mother. She sat on the sidelines as she watched Overwatch form and flourish. She spent the majority of her time training so that she could also become an agent of Overwatch. Fareeha’s self-discipline was uncanny.

Despite her daughter’s wishes, Ana was heavily against the idea of Fareeha joining Overwatch once she grew up; she believed the organisation exposed its agents to realities that were much too harsh.

Fareeha once asked her mother for a toy rifle. Ana lost her seemingly-indestructible poise, telling young Fareeha that she would shoot her eye out. Their mother-daughter relationship became bleak as the tension between the two began to consume their lives.

Upon receiving the news of her mother’s apparent death, Fareeha got her udjat (eye of Horus) tattoo in honor of Ana, who had a similar tattoo. The tattoo was a symbol of protection, and Fareeha believed that it allowed her mother to protect her.

Fareeha joined the Egyptian army, and her resilience and natural strategic aptitude allowed her to rise through the ranks quite easily. The soldiers beneath her thought of Fareeha as a natural leader with courage and proficiency. She was more than qualified to join Overwatch, but before the opportunity presented itself, Overwatch disbanded.

Fareeha left the army with a commendation for distinguished service and took a job with a private security firm, Helix Security International. She was trained in the Raptora Mark VI, the suit that allows her to fly and provide firepower from the air. After being inaugurated ‘Pharah,’ she worked to defend an artificial intelligence research facility beneath the Giza Plateau. Her defense work was widely believed to ensure the safety of her region and the regions surrounding, yet she constantly thought of Overwatch.

Clear skies ahead.

Mission Statement

After receiving the rank of lieutenant, Pharah and her squad were sent to contain an Anubis AI that had broken free from its holding. Upon entry to the site, the squad came across a wounded member of the engineering division. Despite disagreement from other members of her squad, Pharah ordered that they push forward, that completing the mission was more important than their lives. Khalil, the captain under whom Pharah was operating, agreed with her but commented that she must work on her attitude. They then engaged in combat with security bots, and Khalil was killed.

Determined to finish what they started, Pharah took control and ordered entry into the temple, which triggered more combat with the security bots. Amongst the conflict, a pillar collapsed and threatened soldier Tariq’s life. Ignoring the mission for a split second, Pharah chose to save Tariq, much to his confusion. Amongst the destruction, he scrambled to hack the Anubis systems. However, Anubis was shut down and the squad withdrew from combat.

Afterwards, Tariq told Pharah that she was his new captain and that they he would always follow her, upon which Pharah contemplated the concept of her udjat: she was not the protected, but the protector.

Now, Pharah continues to fight for justice and peace. Her main goal is to protect the innocent.

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