Last fortnight, for our fifteenth session of Lorewatch, we took a look at Roadhog and how the destruction of his home led to his disgruntled attitude.

This week, Bastion will take the stand. Join me as we delve into the lore behind Overwatch’s mute robotic attack unit.

Lore session sixteen: Bastion

After being designed to maintain accord, Bastion was once one of many robots of whom were used as guardians and peacemakers. However, during the Omnic Crisis, the Bastion robot units were turned against their allies, and forced to fight alongside the omnics’ rebel army.

The Last Bastion

One of Bastion’s missions – his final mission – was to attack Stuttgart, Germany. After becoming damaged during conflict, Bastion lay inactive in the Black Forest near Eichenwalde. Over a decade, following the end of the Omnic Crisis, everyone believed all Bastion units to cease to exist.
In actuality, Bastion just needed a stimuli in order to revitalize. After Ganymede, a wild bird in the Black Forest, began constructing a nest on Bastion’s shoulder, he discovered that the debris was actually a retired Bastion robotic unit. Pecking on his visual sensory screen, Ganymede awoke Bastion, his reactivation causing him to revert back to his past settings and mission – attack Stuttgart. Making their way through the Black Forest’s vast green nature, Bastion and Ganymede began to form a bond – until a nearby woodpecker began to drill into a tree. Hearing the woodpecker and associating the drilling with gunfire, Bastion abruptly reacted, reconfiguring itself into sentry configuration mode, before blasting the forest with an array of bullets. Bastion reconfigured itself back, realised its mistake, noticed Ganymede’s absence, and despondently continued towards Stuttgart on the horizon.
During his travel, Bastion came across debris that was lying in its way. Upon closer inspection, Bastion discovered the debris was actually other Bastion robotic units, their dormant bodies littering the field. Deciding to access one of the fallen Bastion’s memory units, Bastion relived the war it once fought, many years ago. Combat instincts flaring, Bastion continued to march towards Stuttgart with the intention of attacking. However, Ganymede came back, offered Bastion a twig in friendship, just as Bastion had done earlier to help Ganymede make a nest. Understanding there was no need for violence, and embracing a new gentle and mild temperament, Bastion turned his back on Stuttgart, and marched back into the lush forest, with Ganymede.

Bastion began to agree with the new life it found, exploring nature and the world surrounding it.


At one point, Bastion was seen in Sweden by some teenagers, who immediately became scared of the robotic unit, thinking it was aggressive. The city responded, and the civilians began to stress about the appropriate reaction to the new-found Bastion unit. After hearing the hustle and bustle, Torbjörn appeared and claimed that he had a solution to the issue. The Swedish engineer and a police officer set off to organise their plan; they set a trap for Bastion, hoping to capture him and save the Swedish public.
Ganymede was having none of this, and landed atop of the policeman’s shoulder, startling him and causing him to fire his gun. The gunshot scared both Ganymede and Bastion, and Torbjörn was taken aback – he had never seen a Bastion unit so easily startled.
Later, Torbjörn continued his plan to catch the Bastion, tracking him to a nearby beaver dam and attempting his trap yet again. However, once Bastion responded by giving him some twigs and some friendly beeps, the Swede began to understand that something was different with this specific Bastion. Suddenly, the policeforce swooped in and began attacking Bastion; Bastion escaped, and Torbjorn did too, after he resisted restraint from the unit.
Following the police confrontation, Torbjorn went away in search of Bastion, until he found it looking at a flower. Offering peace and his word not to attack the robotic unit, Bastion offered the flower in a return sign of peace, and the two left together.

Now, Bastion only uses its unforgiving combat mechanisms for good, when it does use it at all – Bastion prefers to avoid encounters and conflict.

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