Last week, we looked at some new lore on the map Petra that pointed towards a possible archaeologist hero. However, since then a new update for the Public Test Region has been released that includes a number of map changes for Horizon Lunar Colony. One of these changes includes two lore-related Easter Eggs that suggest that Hammond could be our next addition to the hero roster.

Who is Hammond?

Hammond’s official species is unknown, however, we do know that he was a test subject so it is highly likely that he is a chimpanzee or another form of primate. Before the uprising that ultimately left Horizon Lunar Colony in ruins and killed all of the scientists on board, Hammond went reportedly missing. A popular theory is that Hammond escaped into the base’s ventilation system because of a noticeable track of footprints that lead into the air vents near the astronaut suits. Flores, a member of the Horizon Lunar Colony staff, also noted that he/she heard strange sounds coming from the base’s ventilation system. Years after the riot on Horizon Lunar Colony, the Lucheng Interstellar space industry discovered that Hammond was missing from the base which means that it is highly possible that he escaped from Horizon Lunar Colony and re-located to Earth or somewhere else.



Hammond’s New Room

This information leads on to perhaps one of the most important additions to the lore of Horizon Lunar Colony which is Hammond’s room, located on the bottom floor of the right-flank when attacking the first point. This new room shows an air vent cover that has been removed from the vent itself which means that Hammond was probably also using the ventilation system to navigate around the base. Another small detail is a blueprint in Hammond’s room that shows Winston and the emergency pod that we already know he used to escape down to Earth (this emergency pod can be seen in the attacker’s spawn room on Watchpoint: Gibraltar).

So Many Questions

So is all this information a teaser for hero 28 or not? We think so! However, maybe Hammond won’t appear as a hero but we definitely think he’ll reappear somewhere in the Overwatch storyline. Why would Blizzard specifically leave all these clues if they weren’t going to include more story for him? All the information is beginning to add up now. However, there are still a lot more questions to be raised like what species even is he? There are children’s toys in his room so how old is he? If he managed to escape, where did he escape to? Were him and Winston possibly friends or enemies? Why did he have Winston’s Escape Pod plans? Only time will tell.

That’s all for this week, what do you think of Hammond as a new hero? Any other Easter Eggs on Horizon Lunar Colony that point towards the lore of a new hero? Let us know @omnicpost or @overfactings on Instagram.