Nothing is more popular amongst fans of Overwatch than skins. When new events begin, nobody cares about the voicelines or highlight intros, it’s all about which Heroes are getting new skins. So that got me thinking… what skins would I love to see in the game? If Blizzard hypothetically could make any skins they wanted, regardless of copyright, what skins would I want? Well, you’re about to find out!

1. Marvel Skins

I have always loved Marvel and now, with their world conquering cinematic universe, everybody seems to be a fan. They have an abundance of amazing and colourful characters that I would love to see turned into Overwatch skins, not to mention some awesome voicelines to go with them. I mean imagine how epic a Captain America skin for Brigitte would be, with her shield styled like his shield and then when she ults, she shouts ‘Avengers assemble!’. Imagine a Bruce Banner Winston, who turns into the Hulk when he pops his ultimate. Doomfist as Thanos is just genius, would replacing his ‘Meteor Strike’ voiceline with a loud click of the fingers be too much? Just thinking of these Marvel skins makes me so happy. Artist Boss Logic has put together some incredible artwork of what some of the characters might look like which you can check out above.

2. DC Skins

With every Marvel fan, comes a DC fan, so I couldn’t leave them out. Besides, they have an equally good amount of awesome characters would would make incredible Overwatch skins. The video above highlights my favourite, a Joker Junkrat skin! But there is so many more that would make brilliant skins! I personally would love to see a Flash skin for Tracer, a Wonder Woman skin for Mercy and a Superman skin for Pharah/Zenyatta… You choose, they are the only two characters who fly (Zenyatta as Superman though would actually make my year). Check out the video above to see some more, including a Batman Genji and an Aquaman Reinhardt!

3. Pixar Skins

Art by Chofy87

Reach for the skies…. That would be McCree’s ultimate voiceline of course when he gets his Woody skin. I adore Pixar, they have such an amazing collection of films that would make for wonderful Overwatch skins. The two obvious ones I see all the time are Woody as McCree and Pharah as Buzz Lightyear. But the reason I put Pixar and not Toy Story is because there is so many more skins to be had here. Inside Out skins for Tracer, Widowmaker and Mei (see above picture). Monsters, Inc. skins where Roadhog is Sulley and Junkrat is¬†Mike Wazowski. The Incredibles skins where Tracer is Dash, Moira is Violet and¬† Reinhardt is Mr Incredible. Hey, even a Coco skin for Reaper would work.The possibilities are endless with Pixar.

4. Star Wars Skins

Darth Genji concept skin by Rogério Opix, Artstation

You knew I wouldn’t be able to do this list without mentioning Star Wars… The mega franchise has so many recognisable characters, it would be a sin to not include them in this list. I personally would pay a lot of money to see Roadhog in a Stormtrooper skin, or even a McCree Han Solo skin. But more than anything, I want a Yoda skin for¬†Torbj√∂rn. Imagine that! A little Swedish Yoda hammering a turret. This is what dreams are made of guys. Check out the amazing Darth Genji art above by illustrator Rog√©rio Opix too. Not as cool as Yodbj√∂rn (that’s what I’m calling my Yoda/Torbj√∂rn skin by the way), but still really awesome.

5. Pokémon Skins

Okay, I’m not even sure how this would work in terms of gameplay, as Blizzard would probably have to remake the entire game to make this work, but I reckon it would be worth it! The most popular design I seem to see is Pikachu as Tracer, which would be absolutely amazing! But the possibility for skins is literally endless when it comes to¬†Pok√©mon. I’ve picked out a couple from an incredible artist called Petey Pariah that caught my eye, but definitely do some Googling on this one, so many great ideas!


What do you think of our list? Have I missed any awesome possible skin ideas out? Let us know in the comments section below and follow us on our social media channels for more great content.