In an official tweet by the Shanghai Dragons announced that they will be parting ways with flex tank player Wu “MG” Dongjian.

MG addressed this issue in a letter posted to Weibo. “I have in fact been playing Playerunknown’s Battleground, but I want to make it clear that I only played during breaks,” MG wrote in a letter that during his practice days, he worked diligently.

The flex tanker also addressed rumors of slacking off, in which he denied the claims, “Even though we never won, at least I tried hard, and I gave it my all,” he wrote. MG also said he became depressed due to his swap off the starting roster. “This isn’t what I came to America to do, I don’t want to spend my days wasting away. I don’t want a life like this.”

The Dragons last fielded MG in a match against the Los Angeles Valiant in the first week of Stage 3. Since then, Se-yeon “Geguri” Kim, has filled MG’s role.

MG wrote that he asked to be removed from the team. He’ll be taking a break from Overwatch and return to China in the future.