The Former Dallas Fuel main tank Félix “xQc” Lengyel, joins Overwatch Contenders Trials team GOATS.

The team GOATS has qualified for the Overwatch Contenders Trials tournament after placing in first in the Overwatch Open Division. The top four teams from the Contenders Trials move on to the main North American event, a placement for teams made up of mostly amateur players. The current roster for GOATS is as follows:

As for xQc, he was released from Dallas Fuel after receiving numerous punishments with the Overwatch League. His contract with the Dallas Fuel was expected to expire at the end of the Overwatch League’s inaugural season, but the Fuel and xQc mutually agreed to terminate it in back in March.

Recent controversy has surrounded his new team GOATS. Several players were banned and then unbanned for the entire Contenders season. Two GOATS player were reportedly banned for boosting other players in which they played another person’s account to raise their rank, often for money. Boosting has become as massive issue in the Overwatch League, with players being temporarily suspended for their actions.

The Overwatch Contenders Trials is scheduled to start on June 9th in North America. Teams moving onto the main Contenders tournament will be chosen by June 24th.