So most of us have had the chance to play this glorious new map, Petra, since its release on all platforms. However, while you’re concentrating on boosting your competitive deathmatch rank there is an exciting Easter Egg that you may have missed.

Outside the archeologist tent there is a small tablet-like device that reads “Started excavation of the hidden treasure chamber from our recent imaging survey. If there was another method of access in the past, we have not yet discovered it. Thank you for your continued funding of our Petra explorations, ongoing work in Ilios, and the new project in Thailand. Dr. Nachareon is eager to begin! With so many sites under threat, your contributions to make it possible for us to continue this important work – H. Faisal.” This piece of text obviously raises a lot of lore-related questions, but we would like to specifically focus on the archaeologist, H. Faisal.

Right near the tablet-like device there is a laptop with the name, Hamid, on the screen. We are reasonably sure that Hamid is H. Faisal because his name appears at other locations on the map. For example, another laptop with two emails, one by someone named Idannidis and the other by Faisal that says “Early imaging pass has revealed a hidden chamber. Al-Hamadan believes that it might be a significant find, and we have found a narrow opening through which we can perform further excavation.” So far, there have been a number of archaeologists mentioned, Dr. Nachareon, Al-Hamadan, Idannidis, however, we think that Hamid Faisal is most likely to be a hero in the Overwatch game because he has the most lore so far (which is very little) and appears to be the captain or leader of the archaeologists.

It may take some time before we even get a glimpse of Hamid Faisal and this could even be through a comic or an animated short, etc. However, he is the closest we have gotten yet to seeing a hero that is an archaeologist which wouldn’t be too odd because we already have Mei who is a climatologist. Could the treasure excavation go horribly wrong for Hamid Faisal? Will Hamid Faisal find something ‘special’ in the treasure cave? Only time will tell.

That’s all for this week, what do you think of an archaeologist as a new hero? Any other Easter Eggs on Petra that point towards the lore of a new hero? Let us know in the comments, or @omnicpost or @overfactings on Instagram.