If you have played Deathmatch recently, you may have had this message displayed ” You Will Not Receive Experience If You Remain Inactive.” After 60 seconds of inactivity meaning zero damage dealt, not whether or not you’re moving, message saying that you will not receive XP will be displayed in yellow on the side of your screen. Once that message is displayed you won’t receive any experience for that match.

Bad Timing

In the forums after the new Deathmatch map Petra launched, people were sounding off across social media wondering if and when this problem would be fixed. Some concerns were that players who aren’t getting many kills, but still get assists, are receiving the AFK warning and that somehow it might be affecting competitive placements. It’s speculated that this was supposed to be a fix to what happened previously in FFA modes, where players would actually be removed from the game for not getting kills.

Playing a non DPS heightens your chances of getting the AFK message, Heroes in Support, Defense, or Tank roles will have a harder time avoiding this message, but even playing heroes like Soldier 76 can get you the “You Will Not Receive Experience If You Remain Inactive.” message. Some users claim to even be in the top four or close to it, and they still are apparently AFK.

Sorry about that!

On May 29th Overwatch Developer Bill Warnecke replied to the concerns on the forums saying;

“Hey folks, we appreciate the feedback on AFK timings for Petra. We’ve been looking into this and are planning an adjustment to the timing in an upcoming patch or hotfix. I don’t have an ETA, but I wanted to let you know that we’re on it. Cheers”

This seems not to be a fix of whether or not you deal damage but how quick the timing of AFK on Deathmatch maps will be.