The Anniversary 2018 event starts today, and with the latest patch, a brand new deathmatch-exclusive map called Petra was introduced. Based upon the historical city of the same name in Jordan, the map allows players an exciting look at the ancient ruins.

Upon loading into Petra, I felt an instant sense of nostalgia. I was reminded of the old Black Ops 2 Zombies map “Buried”, as both maps have similar colors and a theme of the unknown. Petra is full of surprises around every corner, and like Buried, it’s filled with twists and turns around which you’re certain to encounter someone you need to eliminate.

Thoughts on Petra

With a few games played in deathmatch, I could tell Petra as a whole is a great addition to the game mode’s rotation of maps. It offers a multitude of areas to fight in which every hero is able to excel in their own special way. Looking at the promotional videos, it seems as though there may a group of heroes that seem to do particularly well on this map, including Widowmaker, McCree, Hanzo, and Doomfist. With their extra mobility, these characters are strong on other maps as well, but Petra specifically demands a hero that can traverse the multiple levels of the map.

Compared to Château Guillard, Petra has a giant middle area where the majority of fights are happening while a few skirmishes occur on the sides of the map. The open middle is perfect for a skillful Widowmaker who can take advantage of her enemies that may be stuck on the ground.

Doomfist and Hanzo have incredible maneuverability, which is greatly favored on Petra due to its multiple levels. McCree, in general, is a strong pick for Deathmatch because of his strength in dueling others and the usefulness of his flashbang. Don’t forget to be careful while mid-skirmish, as some of the areas even contain collapsible floors! Once again, this shows that high-mobility characters will have an advantage.

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Lore Surrounding Petra

The entire map is scattered with intriguing pieces of information that Overwatch fans have never seen before. Taking a look at the map, there are three big items that are worth mentioning and finding. The first piece of lore is found on one of the tablets that seems to be laying on a table near the edge of the map. The message mentions someone unknown so far in the Overwatch Universe: a Dr. Nachareon, with new projects in Thailand and the ongoing one in Ilios.
The second piece of lore shows a spectacular new icon, which fans think may be the group funding the archaeology dig taking place in Petra. Is this a new organization that we’ll see in the future? There isn’t a way to tell yet, but as always its an interesting tease from Blizzard.
Finally, the last piece we could find mentions a secret chamber hidden on the map and is only accessible through a narrow opening. It appears that two different people are communicating, as the messages come from someone called Laonnidis, and another message from Faisal.

Happy Anniversary Event

Go ahead and log into Overwatch to enjoy the new loot and the special legendary loot box, which guarantees you a legendary skin, and then move on over to try out Petra yourself to form an opinion on the brand new deathmatch map. Make sure to share with us here at the Omnic Post who you find most useful on the new map by commenting below! Happy 2nd birthday to Overwatch!