Welcome heroes to another episode! Today we have some brand new courageous, outright destructive plays to show you. You already know the drill, this is the show where we take your play of the games and put them on a scale of how creative and strategic they turn out to be. If you want to find out how you can submit your play of the game to us be sure to stick around until the end of this post! Now without any more waiting, let’s get down to our first play of this week and view the glorious power all these people have brought for us today.



Our first POTG is from a group of people as a matter of fact. These three people, known as Overpop, contributed and submitted a clip of their play. The play starts off with Mercy, played by SnowBoundXOXO, who is watching from above as the enemy team begins to take over the capture point. She dives into the point towards Zarya, played by TManofWar72, and revives him. Unfortunately, SnowBoundXOXO did not survive afterwards but TManofWar72 fires a Graviton Surge onto the enemies and from above comes Pharah being played by Sal Pellegrino. He rains down justice onto the trapped enemies grabbing himself and the rest of the team a quintuple kill and also saving the point!



At number four we have a returning submitter, SonaGPRS is back and bringing us a killer Junkrat play. SonaGPRS starts the play by flanking the enemy team as they try to stop the payload from coming any closer to its destination. SonaGPRS spots a couple of enemies, he drops down onto them and immediately starts up his RIP-Tire, exploding it before any of the enemies have any time to react! SonaGPRS with very little health survives to go back and regroup with his team and being able to claim the well-deserved quadruple kill.



Coming to number three we have Mernaliss playing police officer D.Va. Our third play for the week starts with Mernaliss walking towards the second and final point on Volskaya Industries. With an ultimate ready to launch at any minute, I’m almost sure we all know what is about to happen in this play. Mernaliss launches a D.Va mech towards the point in which no enemies can be spotted. Mernaliss’ mech although picks up a glorious team-kill and leaves us with an incredible play for us to watch. I don’t think D.Va bombs will ever get old!



At our second to last play for this entertaining week, we have CoolHacksBro playing a very charged up ZaryaCoolHacksBro starts the play with him already having close to full charge; something you never want to see when going up against a Zarya. CoolHacksBro simply walks in front of the whole team and fires an incredible Graviton Surge. This ultimate travelled some distance and managed to catch the entire enemy team. Naturally, CoolHacksBro walked towards the enemies firing all they have at them! CoolHacksBro gets the first kill for and gets well-deserved assists on the rest of the enemies making it overall a great team-kill!



The number one spot this week comes from AthleticsFan123 playing a very busy Pharah. AthleticsFan123 must have known we would have loved the carnage in his play because we can’t stop watching this! The play starts off with our top hero sneaking up behind the enemy lines to fire a very successful ultimate, taking out two of the enemies. AthleticsFan123 continues to rain down rockets at the enemies and takes out the enemy D.Va mech. It’s not long after that the ally Zarya fires a Graviton Surge onto the remaining survivors of the enemy team. AthleticsFan123 takes this opportunity to rain down more rockets, getting a successful quintuple kill and an unofficial team-kill.


How You Can Be Featured On The Show!

Do you have a POTG you want to see on the show? If so then send them here POTG@omnicpost.com and we will review them and pick our favorites. Remember if you were not featured in this episode and sent a clip then keep sending them to better your chances of being featured. If you decide to submit a clip please have the clip be 360P or HD. Although you can send it at 360P we prefer if it could be HD. Be sure to tune in to the next episode where we will be changing our show in a pretty cool way and we can’t wait to show you what we have done to it. Thanks for reading this episode and be sure to check out the rest of the Omnic Post’s content!