Phase 1 of the Committee Creation stage of the Overwatch World Cup is getting close to wrapping up, and phase 2 is about to begin but with changed dates. Announced by the Overwatch Path to Pro Twitter account, the dates for voting in phase 2 has been moved to May 24th through May 30th.

Blizzard and the Overwatch team is currently gearing up for this year’s World Cup to be held later this summer with group stages taking place in August to October, with the final 8 teams set to stand their ground against each other in November at Blizzcon.

They need your help

The top three coach candidates from each country with a competing team will be voted on by the top 150 players, based on SR, in each country. The top 10 candidates for Community Lead for each team can be voted on by the entire country’s player base. Those who vote in either category are allotted one vote and will help to decide who the community leaders will be.

Soon to come

Players and the community have been endorsing the candidates they want to see in the World Cup since the beginning of May. The top candidates for each category will be announced soon with a full committee reveal on May 31st. More information about each phase of the Overwatch World Cup can be found here!

Who are you hoping to see in those coveted spots?