Despite the apparent leaks throughout the day, Blizzard was determined to continue with their plan for an official Anniversary 2018 event reveal. While some of the leaks ahead of the reveal were correct, Blizzard still managed to hide some details about the Anniversary event that starts next Tuesday.


During halftime of the match between Florida Mayhem and Philadelphia Fusion, assistant game director Aaron Keller introduced fans to the new Deathmatch-exclusive map, Petra. As shown in the leaks today, the map is indeed based on the ancient city of the same name in the Middle East, but to the surprise of viewers, the map has destructible floors.

In the preview video, we see some footage of heroes battling it out, including a good deal of damage dealt by Doomfist.  Keller confirmed after the preview that the damage isn’t cosmetic from Doomfist’s ultimate, stating that the floors are in fact destructible. Whether or not this can be used in certain areas of the map to cause some mobility restrictions for your enemy is unknown, but it could be a very interesting mechanic if that is the case.

Magician Symmetra

One of the leaked skins, Magician Symmetra, has been confirmed by Michael Chu. The official Anniversary reveal for her skin was shown during the halftime match between Shanghai Dragons and LA Valiant. The skin shows Symmetra in a typical magician stage costume, complete with bunny ears on her hat. Interestingly, Michael Chu revealed that Symmetra’s rework will be hitting the PTR very soon.

Trace and Bake

As part of the 2nd birthday celebrations for Overwatch, Michael Chu announced a short stop-motion animation from the Blizzard animation team. In the video, a Tracer figure comes to life and is determined to bake a birthday cake for the Overwatch team with the help of her guest star, Reaper.

It’s a fantastic video that is very different from the usual animation that we see from the studio. It’s a delight to watch, and a wonderful way to celebrate Overwatch’s birthday.