After a series of leaks throughout the day, it seems highly likely that all skins and emotes for the latest Anniversary event have been revealed to the community. While there is no confirmation from Blizzard at this time, the skins and a play-through of the new Petra map have been shared online from multiple sources.

New Skin Leaks

Earlier today, an image of the remaining 7 legendary skins and one epic skin were revealed to the internet. Supposedly revealed on a Taiwanese Fanclub page for Overwatch on Facebook, the images quickly spread across the internet. The original poster of the images remains unknown at this time, so it was initially very difficult to confirm the authenticity of the pictures.

It wasn’t until later on in the day that videos started to appear, showing the skins available in-game and in English rather than Mandarin. The same skins that were shown in the above images started to appear on youtube, shown from multiple angles and with a closer look at the weapons of each hero.

One video on Youtube, posted by user Tim Tyson, went as far as to also include the emotes for Brigitte, Doomfist and Moira.


Petra Preview

It wasn’t just the skins and emotes for the Anniversary event that were leaked today, as videos of the new Deathmatch exclusive map have also been revealed. As suspected, the map is shown to be based on the ancient city of Petra, Jordan. In the video uploaded by user Lanym, the player runs around the map as Genji giving a small tour of the area.

Is it real or not?

While Blizzard has yet to comment on whether or not the leaks are legitimate, it does seem likely at this point that the skins shown are those destined for the Anniversary 2018 event. With collaborating images coming from multiple sources and players claiming to be able to see the skins for themselves on Reddit,  it’s either a very elaborate hoax or somebody working with Blizzard is in a lot of trouble.

The official event tease planned by Blizzard during the Overwatch League games tonight are still planned as of 6 pm GMT today.