A new skin has been revealed for Tracer by Blizzard on the official Overwatch Twitter accounts. The new epic tier skin, called Lightning, was revealed just four hours after a new skin for Soldier: 76.

Shocking new look

Many fans have commented on the new skin across social media voicing strong opinions as to whether they like the look or not. The change to the beloved Overwatch mascot seems to be causing quite the divide in the community.

If you aren’t a fan of the lightning skin, remember that there are more skins on the way. After Junkrat’s Pirate skin reveal at the beginning of the week, there are still 7 unknown legendary skins being released for the Anniversary.

Lightning Tracer will be available from 22nd May when the archives event hits live servers next week and will cost 750 coins if you aren’t lucky enough to obtain the new cosmetic from a lootbox.