Last time, for our thirteenth session of Lorewatch, we took a look at Zarya and her selfless departure from competition bodybuilding.

This week, Junkrat will take the stand. Join me as we delve into the lore behind Overwatch’s Aussie explosions expert.

Lore session fourteen: Junkrat

Junkrat (real name Jamison Fawkes) has a mysterious past. Ever since Australia’s omnium fusion core was attacked, the Australian outback hasn’t been the same as it once was – the space was distorted into a desolate wasteland. Although the conditions were unliveable for most, a small group of survivors thrived, including Junkrat, and they called themselves the ‘Junkers.’ Scavenging through the harsh outback, the Junkers managed to collect enough resources to begin their own society, ignoring the radiation poisoning flowing through their blood. As lawless, disturbed, and unconventional as it may have been, their society grew, and soon enough, they were more or less a family.


After discovering a valuable secret in the rubble and debris of the omnium, Junkrat began bragging to the other Junkers. Soon, word got out about Junkrat’s discovery, and the Junker found himself being pursued by gangs and bounty hunters on a regular basis.

Meeting Roadhog

One night, while enjoying some time at the pub, Junkrat was approached by the Junkertown Queen’s enforcers. In a desperate attempt to save himself, he announced to the bar that he would reveal the location of the treasure and allow a 10% share to anyone that helped him. Upon realization that the man at the bar was not interested in his offer, Junkrat raised the deal to 25%, after which the man suddenly appeared intrigued. Coming over to his aid, the man, who identified himself as Roadhog, thumped the Queen’s enforcers and agreed to be Junkrat’s own personal bodyguard – in exchange for an even split of the treasure. Junkrat quietly compromised, and the pair set off on the road.

The pair were subsequently kicked out of Junkertown, for “stealing the Queen’s cash … blowing up her summer shack … [and] the beatdown at the bar.” After leaving Junkertown, Junkrat and Roadhog continued to wreak havoc not only on the Outback – their escapades reached from Sydney to as far as King’s Row. The pair of Junkers caused so much trouble and destruction worldwide that the bounty on their heads reached $25 million and they began to be pursued by British, French, and Latin American authorities.

Outta my face, ya drongo!

The Suit’ and the Hyde Global job

Soon after their infamy had spread, Junkrat and Roadhog were contacted by a member of robot manufacturers Hyde Global. He called himself ‘the Suit,’ and requested that the pair carry out some of his dirty work: taking back a factory in downtown Sydney that had been overrun by omnic terrorists and rescuing the employees taken hostage. They both agreed.

Initially planning on doing the job quietly in an attempt at a new start for them and an opportunity at “going legit,” the pair of Junkers used explosives to gain access to what turned out to be a warehouse full of zero hostages and lots of cop bots. Manically making their exit and subsequently burning the whole factory to the ground, the two escaped, after which Junkrat realized that the cop bots were actually Hyde Global robots. The arrival of the police left the both of them no time to process the information from their discovery, and despite assuring the authorities that they were “professionals,” conflict ensued after an officer called Roadhog “fat.” Unsurprisingly, Junkrat and Roadhog escaped safely, after which they realized that they had been set up by their mate, ‘the Suit,’ whose true intentions were for the pair to blow up his factory in hopes of a hefty insurance payout.

The following morning, the pair of Junkers confronted the Suit and proceeded to string him up on a crane before blowing up the entire Sydney Hyde Global office block (and the Suit along with it). Afterwards, Junkrat questioned whose idea it was to “go legit” in the first place, and they set off again.

Returning to Junkertown

Satisfied with their success during multiple heists across the globe, Junkrat and Roadhog attempted to sneak back into Junkertown. However, although their plan seemed foolproof, Junkrat blew their cover, leading to the gates of Junkertown being barred shut.

Now, Junkrat continues to travel with Roadhog in search of more adventure and more things to blow up.

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