New addition to the team

Overwatch League team, Dallas Fuel, announced that former Fusion University coach Aaron ‘Aero Atkins has joined the team as new head coach. The announcement comes about a month after the official release of the previous Fuel head coach, Kyle ‘KyKy Souder. While no one was in the position, assistant coach Emanuel ‘Peak Uzoni took the spot as an interim head coach, but will now return to his role as assistant coach for team, alongside recent addition to the team Kang ‘Vol’Jin Min-Gyu of Meta Gaming in Korea.

Contenders champions

Led by Atkins, the Philadelphia Fusion Contenders team, Fusion University, took home the win as North American Overwatch Contenders champions on May 14th. The team swept Season 1 of Contenders, finishing undefeated 20-1. The young players in the Contenders teams show the skills they have with the hopes of being signed to OWL teams in their future. Fusion University took the final series against Toronto Esports Club in a 4-1 battle on Oasis, with two break out stars of the Fusion University team, ‘WhoRU and ‘ZachaREEE‘, showing their duo skills.

Past stages

During Stage 3 of the Inaugural OWL season, the Dallas Fuel struggled to find their footing with the release of Felix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel in Stage 2, and the release of KyKy and Kim ‘Rascal Dong-jun in Stage 3. The team has consistently stayed in the bottom standings throughout the season, only just above the Shanghai Dragons. Changes to the coaching staff and internal morale for the team could prove beneficial for Stage 4 of the season.