The official Overwatch Twitter account has just posted a short video showing off the second new skin for this year’s Anniversary event. The skin is called Venom: 76, and is an epic skin for Soldier: 76. The skin will be purchasable during the Anniversary event and will also be obtainable in Anniversary loot boxes, which will be available during the event’s run (May 22 – June 11). The skin appears to be based around snake imagery.

A big Anniversary

It was also revealed in the tweet that Venom: 76 will not be the only early reveal–the post mentions “item reveals,” implying more than one. Interestingly, the EU Overwatch Twitter account has slightly different text on its reveal tweet. It mentions that two skins will be revealed, hinting at another possible skin reveal today (or at least soon). The Venom: 76 skins comes hot on the heels of the announcement that all skins from this past year’s events–including Summer Games, Halloween Terror, Winter Wonderland, Year of the Dog, and Retribution–will be available to purchase and will be possible to get in Anniversary loot boxes.

Earlier this week, Jeff Kaplan released a developer update that confirmed several rumors about the upcoming event, including the total amount of new legendary skins for the event. He confirmed that we will be receiving 8 new legendary skins for the Anniversary event. Since the Venom: 76 skin is an epic skin, it’s not included in this number. We’re excited to see what else the Overwatch team will show off ahead of the event!