With a recent post on the community forums, Overwatch Developer Geoff Goodman himself posted that Hanzo might have become a bit too strong in this recent update. Go ahead and check out the most recent comment below!

Challenges facing Hanzo

Hanzo overall is an extremely unique character within Overwatch, which may be the problem when trying to balance him. Since the beginning of the game, players have complained about Hanzo’s scatter arrow being unfair to play against. This complaint was the catalyst to the change in his ability, which has brought us Storm Arrow. Check the video below to see the damage statistics and power of Storm Arrow in its current iteration.

The proposed changes…

The true question comes down to whether or not the Overwatch team wants Hanzo to one-shot characters like Tracer or D.va Pilot. With the proposed changes, Hanzo would have to land two shots of his rapid ability to kill these characters. However, even with Scatter Arrow being replaced, players seem to actively resist players wating to play Hanzo or wanting to build a team with him. Perhaps it’s the high skill needed to play him, or the option of playing someone much easier and having a higher impact than Hanzo. With the proposed changes, Hanzo’s effectiveness lowers even more, and could potentially turn off certain players from choosing him in a team composition. This is a problem Hanzo was facing already before the update, and continues to haunt him with his Storm Arrow update. Although his kit is interesting and intriguing to some players, his overall validity on a team composition remains the same as before. In order to be useful as Hanzo, players need to be skilled in getting those perfect shots. When comparing Hanzo to Soldier, for example, who is relatively easier to play and has a better chance of successfully affecting a team fight, this might be one of the more important reasons players hesitant to add the archer to the team. With the anticipated nerf coming to Hanzo, Overwatch games may be seeing less of him in the future, which may affect his pick/win rate.

The hopeful ending

At the end of the day, the Overwatch development team wants to see Hanzo prosper and be just as effective as his assault class counterparts. Through these small tweaks, Geoff Goodman and his team hope that these changes will help in the overall battles of Overwatch as no one likes being outplayed by a seemingly overpowered ability, and in order to maintain balance, some compromises will have to be made. Instead of lowering the damage, perhaps the development team could look into reducing the number of arrows being fired during his Storm Arrow ability. But right now, as an Overwatch community, we must determine how to turn Hanzo into a hero that feels fair and balanced, while also making him into an impactful part of the team composition. These changes could be the first steps to making Hanzo feel fair to play against, which is the ultimate goal of the Overwatch Development team.