Overwatch’s newest map Rialto has officially been released outside of the Overwatch: Retribution event and is one of Blizzard’s coolest maps yet. The map is an Escort type gamemode that travels through the canals and rivers of Venice, Italy. Rialto has many secrets and Easter Eggs hidden beneath the surfaces of the grand art museum, opera house and other historical heritage that only players with a keen eye have been able to discover, so this week we’re going to go over some of our favorites.

On the exterior of the art museum there are a few banners displaying an Omnic architect named Leonora Botruvio. Her name is actually a mix of Leonardo Da Vinci (one of the most famous Italian Renaissance artists/polymaths) and Vitruvius (a Roman author, architect, civil engineer and military engineer). Some Overwatch fans have suspected that Blizzard have purposely planted Botruvio in the game as an Easter Egg to foreshadow her as a new hero, however, we are not even close to having enough information on this Omnic yet to even consider her as a hero.

In the ‘Teatro Bel Canto Opera House’, there is a poster that displays what appears to be an Omnic woman in a red dress leaning over the edge of a building. The writing on the poster says “Giacomo Puccini’s Botsca” and is a reference to the real Giacomo Puccini (a famous Italian opera composer who was considered to be “the greatest composer of the Italian opera after Verdi”). Botsca is also a reference to Tosca which was a Giacomo Puccini melodrama opera that revolved around a famous singer named Floria Tosca, who wore a red dress similar to the Omnic’s dress in the poster.

Finally, it’s a small detail but it appears that the civilians of Rialto are big Lúcio ball fans because there are multiple of Lúcio’s soccer balls or footballs scattered across the map. This detail proves that Blizzard have taken their time with this map and have really thought about Italian culture considering that football/soccer is massive part of Italy itself. This Easter Egg could also be hinting at a new Lúcio ball map next year for the Overwatch: Summer Games, but who knows? Only time will tell.

That’s all for this week, what do you think about these Rialto Easter Eggs and secrets? Are there anymore that you would’ve liked to see? Let us know @omnicpost or @overfactings on Instagram.