Ciri is one of the main characters within the Witcher Franchise and 3D designer Agelos Apostolopoulos re-imagined her as one of the Overwatch heroes, making everybody wish for a CD Projekt Red and Blizzard team up.

The sword-wielding, fast-moving witcher, under the care and protection of adoptive parents Geralt and Yennefer would have no problem blending into the Overwatch world, with characters such as Reinhardt and Brigitte offering a similar medieval feel.


How Ciri might play

Her blink ability would be something akin to Tracer’s, with them both able to move across the map at great speed, but instead of firing bullets, she would have to be more of an up close and personal fighter.

Charge, her second ability, can take out multiple targets at once and could possibly act as an ultimate ability, similar to Genji’s dragon blade ability, though more area of effect and less hack and slash.

Perhaps Ciri takes after her (adopted) Father and brings bombs to the games as a secondary ability, something to either stun or weaken enemies (think Widowmaker’s poison) but of course, as she’ll never really be in the game, we can never truly know.

The power over time and space could be something a little too overpowered and I’m sure would have to be removed for balancing issues as it’s difficult to counter. Somebody able to rip a hole in the fabric of existence and disappear for a while is not somebody any player would want to have to go against in a competitive match. 

An updated look

She looks amazing in the style of the usual Overwatch characters, with an added blue streak to her hair, a modern twist clothing, and a chunky belt.

Agelos Apostolopoulos is amazingly talented, shown with the work he’s done here and in his portfolio and deserves heaps of praise sent his way. Hopefully, he will bless us with more Overwatch pieces in the future.

This is by far one of my favourite crossovers into the Overwatch universe, if you were to add any Witcher characters into the game, who would you pick and what abilities would they have?