The Overwatch League Commissioner, Nate Nanzer, updated fans and teams on which patch that Stage 4 will be played on. Since it’s release however, this topic has become a major discussion point in the community.

Discussion time!

The Overwatch community has had to deal with a lot of discussion recently regarding what patch Stage 4 of the Overwatch League would be played on. Patch 1.23 is the latest patch that Blizzard has implemented into the game, which brought the famous Hanzo rework. This also led to controversy in the community, as many of the professional players feel that the newly reworked version of Hanzo is far too powerful and not a good fit for the competitive nature that the Overwatch League is striving for in Stage 4.

Looking to address this major discussion topic, Nate Nanzer, the commissioner, posted an update on his Twitter where he explained the reason behind the league’s decision to have Stage 4 played on the old 1.22 patch, which does not include the new Hanzo rework.

Nate Nanzer explained that even though the league and Blizzard share the goal of having official matches played on the latest patch, if both parties feel that the teams have not had enough time to practice with a new or extremely reworked hero, league matches would be played on the patch excluding the hero changes. An example of this was during Stage 1, when the patch that changed Mercy’s ultimate was introduced into the game in the middle of the stage but was not made available into the Overwatch League build of the game until Stage 2.

Nanzer also explained how the lack of a fix for a bug that had been introduced into Overwatch by the way of Patch 1.23 ( a bug that does not allow matches on escort maps to be accurately resumed after being paused or having a disconnect), is another major issue that played in the decision to have Stage 4 played on Patch 1.22.

Even without the reworked Hanzo making his apperance in Stage 4 of the league, fans can expect Brigitte to be available for teams to use in Stage 4.

Stage 4 of the league will begin on May 16th and will conclude on June 17th.